DIY Shops More Popular As People Try To Keep Busy At Home

DIY Shops More Popular As People Try To Keep Busy At Home

During the Corona Virus lockdown, lots of people are finding ways to keep themselves entertained and coming up with activities to make self-isolation a bit more interesting. Online stores are doing "extremely well" due to coronavirus restrictions keeping people at home. Online supermarkets are obviously flourishing and DIY stores are also seeing double-digit sales increases.

Thousands of people in the US have turned to improve their home while maintaining social distancing. Many unfinished household projects are getting done with a bit do-it-yourself.

While the DIY centres in the UK are open at the moment and currently very busy. Countries like Spain are on a complete shutdown with all their stores closed (except for food stores and chemists).

many traders are stocking-up on essential materials so they can continue to work during these trying times. project managers have advised and operating a implementation smaller building projects. as precautionary measure prevent the virus from spreading.

Whilst many high-street stores are facing an uncertain future. Many online stores are trying to hire more workers. Job listings in Amazon’s logistics and operations unit have more than tripled this month.