Painted Kitchen Colour trends for 2022

Kitchen paint colour trends 2022

Painting your kitchen cabinets can present a modern take on a traditional look. It can create a style which is classic in nature, but contemporary in finish. But, what are the best colours to choose for a hand-painted kitchen in 2022? When you're feeling overwhelmed with options, it's hard to know where to start. You should first consider the size of your kitchen; colours can have an impact on whether your kitchen appears smaller or larger in size, so it’s useful to think about this factor first. Next, consider the style you aim to achieve and thus what colours may compliment this style and atmosphere you have in mind. To help you along the way with choosing the perfect kitchen paint colour for your space, here are some kitchen cabinet colours that we predict will be trending in 2022 that are sure to inspire you.

Deco Green

Green has been on all trending lists for the last few years and it is still at the top for 2022 too, both in interiors and fashion too. This year, however, green painted kitchens have seen a 19 per cent increase of searches on Pinterest, so it is likely that it will continue to be a very popular choice for consumers in 2022 who will opt for a new, broad range of tones. From deeper forest shades to lighter mint hues, there are many different varieties to choose from for your kitchen units. Darker shades such as a forest green can be contrasted with brass accessories such as faucets and handles, whereas lighter shades, like sage or playful pastels, complement warmer wood furnishings pleasantly. No matter what shade you choose, green painted kitchens are those that can stand the test of time.


Brick Pink & Country Red

red kitchen trends

When it comes to thinking of kitchen unit colours, the colour can transform the look in an instant. Therefore, if you’re looking to be bold and brave with your colour choice, reds may be for you. From barn door red, scarlet, to coral and burgundy, reds have grown in popularity this year for those adventurous types who would like to add character to their kitchen spaces. Similarly, pink has seen an 18% increase of Pinterest searches this year and it appears many are pairing red painted cabinets with white walls (or vice versa) with brass fittings to create an effortlessly cool but luxurious finish. Try pairing pinks with grey or navy cabinets and, when adding the finishing touches, copper handles and taps look great alongside warm shades of pink. Finally, if you are seeking a more dramatic look, pair reds with matte black fittings for a statement look.


Timeless Neutrals

neutral kitchen colours

Neutrals are likely to become popular for those looking for a painted kitchen colour that is simple, whilst remaining warm, stylish and calming. Pair these neutral, earthy tones with materials such as wood, limed wicker and white stone to produce a relaxing atmosphere which produces a stark contrast to the challenging, fast paced lifestyles that lay outside of the kitchen. The great thing about neutral kitchen unit colours is that they give you creative flexibility in other areas of your kitchen; you can have patterned flooring or experiment with different textures and materials without worrying it will be too much or mismatched. This is certainly one of the reasons why they are set to be popular next year.


Back 2 Wood

wood kitchen trends

As we all become more conscious of doing better for the planet, we see this reflected in our homes and, more specifically, in our kitchen designs. Over the past year, trends have begun to reflect that we are now taking a natural, eco-friendly approach to our interior designs and opting to bring nature indoors. To bring this ethos into the kitchen, in 2022 it is probable that we shall begin moving towards natural elements, like wood, to add an authentic look to our space from worktops, to the floor and your kitchen units. Yes, wood is not a paint colour, but forgive us. Though it was once considered a traditional choice, next year wooden kitchens are bound to see their comeback. Wood is a very versatile finish and can be matched with cream coloured cabinets or a neutral wall colour to give both a traditional or contemporary feel. Or pair deeper wooden tones with dark grey, blacks and contemporary lines for a dramatic, but modern, appearance. For the past year we have been successfully combining painted cabinets with natural wood drawers.


Sunshine Chic

Yellow kitchen colours
This year Pantone, have announced that their colour of the year for painted kitchens is ‘illuminating’ which is a bright, sunshine like yellow. According to Pantone’s Executive director, this yellow “expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude” and is a colour that is "warming and optimistic” and “gives us resilience and hope”. Therefore, we believe that yellow may be making its way into our kitchens in 2022, to give us a sunny finish.

So, love them or hate them, these are the painted kitchen colours we predict will be popular in homes next year. Now you are armed with all this information and inspiration, stay ahead of the trends and decide what you think is best for you and your home!
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