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Latest Cooker Hood Design

So Whats Happening in the Hood?

Spazio wins the Good Design Award, thanks to its extraordinary innovative qualities. Take a look at the new hood designed by Francesco Lucchese for Falmec. Boasting an intelligent way to use space in your kitchen design, is the start of things to come?


  • The new cooker hood design offers the possibility of housing a small indoor garden designed for the cultivation of aromatic herbs thanks to the presence of a light that stimulates photosynthesis.
  • USB outputs and power sockets that allow to recharge electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones or MP3 players, while a ‘tablet holder’ allows the cook to consult any application or recipe.
  • Frosted glass shelving for storing crockery or any other useful objects in the kitchen and a channel equipped with hooks for the organisation of utensils.
  • Led lighting system that illuminates the worktop extensively.
  • And finally, a superior filtration system to prevent odours.





Paula Carter
Paula Carter