Only 25% of people in the UK have their dream kitchen

old kitchen

In a new survey, three-quarters of homeowners admit they do not have their ‘dream kitchen', reported the independent. The kitchen is the heart of the home for many people and it makes sense that there is a strong desire to make it into a dream space.

So what makes a dream kitchen for most of the UK? Well, a freestanding island was on the top of the list, along with the smooth pull out cabinets and smart dishwashers. One-third of the people polled said a breakfast bar seating area was important along with a large flat screen TV to watch while cooking.

The preference leant towards simple, uncluttered kitchens, where the Shaker Kitchens clean lines win and most opted to keep appliances hidden. Extra items on the list were wine fridges, granite work surfaces, underfloor heating and more natural light.

Many polled overestimated the cost of a new kitchen and didn’t realise it was more affordable than they thought and one in three had plans to do some kitchen upgrades in the near future.

When it came to kitchen inspiration, just over one third got their inspiration from the internet, a quarter from home improvement TV shows and 29% from the high street.

Most kitchens were over 10 years old, suggesting there are many kitchens that needed attention and 3 in 10 said spending time in their drab kitchen made them feel sad.