Four Appliances that Save Energy in your Kitchen

Four Appliances that Save Energy in your Kitchen

As we all know, in the current climate, energy bills are rising and people are looking at ways in which they can reduce their energy usage significantly. At TWKC, we have been looking at ways to help our customers choose the best appliances and other household technology, as our kitchens tend to be one of the most power-hungry areas of the home.

Energy-inefficient appliances can do more harm than good, and you can save yourself from throwing away your money if your appliances are in line with the most efficient ones. We have collated four energy-efficient appliances you should consider investing into this winter.

 Kitchen Energy Efficient Appliances - Fisher & Paykel Refrigeration


Defrosting your freezer regularly is an energy-saving tip most have come to learn. If frost builds up too much inside, your freezer works twice as hard to stay cold. Regular defrosting keeps the temperature low, so the motor doesn’t have to work as hard.

A solution to this is Fisher & Paykel’s standard refrigeration appliances. These include their ‘Active Smart’ technology, which makes your food fresher for longer by maintaining the ideal food temperature. Their fridges adapt to daily use by cooling and defrosting only when needed. The refrigerator uses only the energy it needs without compromising on food care..

Instant Hot Water Tap

An instant hot water tap can seem like a luxury option, but it is an excellent way to minimise water usage and save on energy bills. Quooker’s A-label rating is the most efficient and worth investing in. For convenience, their 3-in-1 tap offers all options of boiling, chilled and sparkling water, and is the most advanced tap they offer, named ‘CUBE’. This may not be the best suit for everyone, we get that! Quooker’s standard ‘Flex’ hot water tap provides cold, hot and boiling water from one fixture, which would work perfectly in a standard setting.

But how does this work? A Quooker consists of two parts: a boiling-water tap on the worktop and a small tank under it, where the water is stored at 110ºC. This tank is a kind of thermos flask that’s connected to the water mains. Thanks to the high-vacuum insulation, the heat can’t escape. That means that only very little energy (10 watts) is required to keep the water in the tank at boiling point. When you use boiling water from the tap, fresh water immediately runs into the tank under the worktop.

 Kitchen Energy efficient Appliances - Quooker Tap

Induction Hob

Induction cooking works using electromagnetic energy. An induction hob is made from a coil located below a rigid glass panel. This coil generates a magnetic field which triggers an electrical current in magnetic pans, causing them to heat up. Induction hobs are one of the most efficient appliances as there is no wasted heat. You can boil water nearly twice as fast using an induction hob compared to an electric or gas hob!

 Energy Efficient Appliances - Induction Hob

Integrated Slow-Cooker

As temperatures drop and Halloween looms near, people love to make cosy recipes that are hearty and warming. An average-sized slow cooker uses just 1.3 kWh per meal cooked. According to research by energy supplier Utilita, Slow cookers cost roughly 16p a day, or £59 annually to run.

Fisher & Paykel offer an integrated warming drawer that has multiple valuable functions within the kitchen. With Automatic switch-off and Delayed start functionality, their warming drawer has six tailored functions, with slow cooking being one of them. If you are after a sleek, modern-looking appliance, this is perfect!


Our showroom is a great space to try and test all of these appliances and more! We regularly update our ranges in keeping with the current market, providing only the best for our customers. Book an appointment here, we would love to see you.