Cabinet Style Guide

Your guide to kitchen cabinet styles

The design of a kitchen is complex. While there are many minor items in your kitchen to note, don't ignore a sizable portion of the space—your kitchen cabinets. When every kitchen company claims to be the best provider of handmade, bespoke kitchens, which do you choose, and which one is best for your budget? Before you make the important decision to install new cabinets, be certain that you're mindful of the many types of cabinets because all of them are lovely choices.

Here, we tell you more about the styles and variations of each design.

In-Frame Cabinets

In-Frame Cabinet Diagram & Example

  • Available in the Shaker, Fusion & Period English range
  • A handmade, high-quality finish
  • Hand Painted to your colour match choice
  • Square framed doors Flat centre panels
  • Known for their square edges
  • Have a box-shaped appearance
  • Appear as a four-cornered cabinet frame but with an inset panel.

    When a kitchen door is in-set within a frame that is fitted to the front of a kitchen carcass, this is called 'in-frame'. The structure means that the door is smaller than usual, as it will open within the wooden frame. When closed, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts fit precisely flush inline inside the frame of the cabinet. When you open the doors and drawers the frame stays fixed to the front face of the kitchen carcass. Because of its structure, doors, and drawers will be slightly smaller as they open within the kitchen unit frame.

    Shaker Cabinets

    Shaker Cabinet Diagram & Example

    • Simple and versatile design
    • Square edge panel
    • A popular and timeless classic
    • Square framed doors Flat centre panels

    Shaker cabinets are known for their square edges or box-shaped appearance. The appearance is that of a four-cornered cabinet frame but with an inset panel. Historically, Shaker design door & drawer fronts date back to the mid-18th century and are the embodiment of simplicity, combined with fine craftsmanship and functionality. Shaker kitchen doors use the built ‘in-frame’ method. Where the doors hang inside a frame instead of hanging on the outside like modern flat-packed kitchen units.

    Period English

    Period English Cabinet Diagram & Example

    • Classic thumb mould
    • Shaker panelling
    • Bead on top and bottom edges
    • Pairs well with the Ogee Cornice
    • Grove top and bottom on flat drawers

    All Period English units are built in the in-frame style. Like Shaker, the doors are hung inside a frame rather than on the outside of the cabinets. Bringing together timeless design and the finest craftsmanship, the Period English collection is defined by a classic thumb mould around the panelled doors and drawer fronts and a bead running the length of the top and bottom edges of the top drawers. Traditional techniques like the Mortise and tenon joint, solid steel butt hinges and dovetail drawers add strength to our handmade units and make them traditionally authentic.


    Fusion Cabinet Diagram & Example

    • Flat-fronted
    • Contemporary with handles
    • No shaker panelling
    • Pairs well with both Shaker & Period English

    Our Fusion range is the newest style of cabinetry that we have to offer. It is a transitional style between our modern, flat-fronted kitchens and our traditional Shaker and Period English styles. By effortlessly blending the slab fronts with handles, our designs explore clean lines and bold blocks of colour whilst keeping the same, high quality of all our bespoke furniture.


    Modern Cabinet Diagram & Example

    • Modern signature detailed
    • Solid wood carcasses
    • Drawer boxes
    • Handle rails and kickboard
    • Handleless design

    Modern cabinet doors are minimal in embellishments and often handle-less. The term “modern” encompasses everything that's sleek and streamlined. Stylish, minimalist and modern kitchen ideas with innovative features and clever storage solutions for whatever your kitchen needs. Characterised by frameless, slab-fronted cabinets, our modern bespoke and contemporary kitchen ideas offer seamless functionality.

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