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About the Cabinets we make

At The White Kitchen Company, our cabinet makers hand-build each and every piece of furniture. From the moment you either order online or sign off your design quote, our factory gets to work on your new dream kitchen.

Here, we explain a little more about the wood, our techniques, our hand-painted service, and where we source our products.

The Cabinets

About the wood...

All our cabinet doors and frames are crafted from solid European Alder, a favored hardwood among fine furniture makers. The close grain of European alder is particularly suitable for painted cabinetry due to its reduced irregularities, ensuring a smooth and refined professional finish.

The wood of European Alder is easily workable with both hand and machine tools; it cuts cleanly and possesses excellent machining properties, making it a highly favored choice among our cabinet makers.

Alder wood cabinets

Our Cabinet Makers

Techniques we use...

Solid wood furniture has been used in our homes for hundreds of years, we take our inspiration from classic English furniture. Traditional techniques like the mortice and tenon joint are used to add strength and dovetail joints are used for stability. We make our units ‘in-frame’, which is where the doors sit inside the frame, they do not sit on the outside like cheaper units which can drop over time and are weaker.

cabinet making techniques

At The White Kitchen Company, we pay attention to trends but love kitchens that will stand the test of time. All our units are delivered in one piece and can be re-configured if you so wish, handles can be changed and the units painted in a different colour to create a new look. Buy well and you only have to buy once, quality never goes out of date. As they are in one piece you can either fit them or use them freestanding.

Hand-painted Cabinets

We colour-match your choice...

Our professional finishers spray the doors with quality primer. After which, a second solid white first coat is applied for a perfect base (this is where The White Kitchen Company gets its name). The final coat is either painted in situ by a professional to ensure a flawless finish.  

Alternatively, we offer a hand-painted finish in any Farrow & Ball or Little Green colour. This is painted in our factory with a very hard-wearing paint specially designed for cabinets in constant use. This method ensures that any potential future touch-ups remain as discreet as possible. To assist with this, each kitchen supplied includes a small pot of the exact paint used for this purpose.

colour match kitchen cabinets

A quality hand-painted kitchen is easy to refresh or keep up-to-date if trends change. So when you do decide it's time to re-paint it's like getting a new kitchen but at a fraction of the cost and without the upheaval.


Where we source our wood...

A kitchen can be manufactured with a lot of waste, especially if the cabinets are purchased at a low cost. Offcuts from cutting cabinets from wood sheets can be thrown away or used again.

Sustainable kitchen cabinets

In our workshop, we've made significant investments in machinery and processes to cut down on manufacturing waste to a bare minimum. In this regard, we're in a class by ourselves. Our wood is all locally sourced, with minimal to no waste to ensure we helping ensure we maintain sustainability.


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