Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchens was born out of love to explore the modern aesthete with beautiful clean lines uninterrupted by handles. There are many flat-packed modern kitchen brands, but at 'Modern Kitchens', we wanted to offer high-quality cabinetry in a contemporary style, at a fair price.


Sleek Handleless Design  

What makes Modern Kitchens units so special? The build quality and our beautiful interiors. Many companies use either imitation wood veneers or paint them to save on costs. For us, our furniture has to be the very best we can make, so there is no expense spared on the interiors. To finish our oak interiors we use a hardwearing wipeable lacquer. Not only practical but they look beautiful too.

Our Craftsmen

As cabinet makers, we are drawn to quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each of our cupboards is a fully hand-built piece of furniture, carefully and precisely constructed so that it offers unrivaled durability. Our draws are solid oak, dovetailed front and back, and lacquered to a soft sheen. Our signature detailing is crafted in natural oak and brings warmth to our stylish modern kitchen units.

Our Materials

We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our solid wood cabinetry. The interior of our cabinets and drawers are oak, finished with a hardwearing, wipeable lacquer that continues to look beautiful after years of use. All of our drawers are made from solid oak they glide in and out on fully extending, soft close runners rated at 40kg and with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Our Ethos

Is one of reliability, solid craftsmanship, and durability. At Modern Kitchens, we enjoy marrying Italian design, and German ergonomic efficiency while proudly maintaining the quality craftsmanship of English cabinet making. Most importantly we wanted our kitchens to be readily accessible and the cost as fair as possible. You can see our prices on the ‘How much’ page.

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