Oak Kitchen Cabinets


European oak has been used for a wide variety of purposes for thousands of years. Oakwood is a wood cut from oak trees and known for its robust strength, uniform texture and beautiful grain in its bark. These properties in the oak wood make it a desirable timber to make kitchen cabinets.

So, why Oak?

  • It’s durable, many oak framed buildings erected hundreds of years ago still stand all over Europe. It is strong wood and it lasts. 
  • Oak is also highly resistant to shrinkage, making it ideal to use in kitchen cabinetry. It will not easily warp or twist and this reduces the chance of cracking over time. 
  • As a hardwood, oak has a high level of water resistance, making it ideal for kitchens. For centuries we’ve been building boats and making barrels, so it must be good.
  • Oakwood contains a high proportion of tannin that makes it highly resistant to attack by insects or fungi. Therefore less prone to decay and rotting.
  • Solid oak is breathable and will adjust to the internal moisture levels and dry naturally as time passes. Which is ideal in period properties.
  • The uniformity of the oak wood colour and grain guarantee a consistent finish.
Oak kitchen cabinets

The Best Wood for Beauty

Oak on its own is great, but for a frame we need something stronger. When you combine oak with a few modern techniques you can make it even better. The process used creates engineered oak. We use several techniques to create an exceptional solid structure which makes our 'framework' for our oak kitchens, which is even more resistant to warping, cracking and splitting. Solid wood can have voids, knots, and other imperfections. If you need high-performance, engineered wood is a superior choice for key parts of furniture, cabinets and architectural applications. For oak kitchen cabinets, there can be nothing better to use as a base frame.

Our Kitchen Cupboards

At the White Kitchen Company, we select the best raw materials from our foresters in Europe. Our engineered oak is made from thin solid-wood layers which are bonded together using a hard resin glue, then kiln-dried. This is used to create our carcasses. After this process, we carefully select the best oak planks to use for our solid oak doors and drawers. Each piece is selected for its continuity of grain, this takes years of expertise from our selectors. Our draws are made from solid oak which is dovetailed front and back to add strength (for more information on how our units are made visit our about page). If you choose to keep your kitchen cabinets in natural wood, our carpenters choose the very best solid oak planks for your kitchen doors and frames. If painted, it's important to choose an unblemished hardwood which has a close-grain to ensure a flawless paint finish. The signature detail of The White Kitchen Company is our beautiful oak interiors, hand crafted and lacquered with a soft sheen for durability. 


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