River Hamble Retreat

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Peter and Nicola's journey began with a vision, a dream of creating something truly remarkable. Their story unfolds within the walls of an 1860 early Victorian House, where the renovation project and new extension set the stage for a blend of classic styling and contemporary innovation. Their goal was not to be slaves to tradition but to pay homage and complement the past while embracing the present. This is where they found their inspiration in our Period English style units.

As the area was built from scratch by extending the existing space and adding an orangery, they thought long and hard about their kitchen. The kitchen exudes sophistication and warmth. The main kitchen units, elegantly painted in Farrow & Ball's Portland Stone, provide a serene backdrop for their culinary haven. But the standout feature is the captivating large island, painted in Farrow & Ball's Mizzle, crowned with a stunning marble top that draws admiration from all who see it.

Beyond aesthetics, the kitchen had to be practical, a space that seamlessly blended functionality with beauty. The White Kitchen Company was engaged from the outset of the construction process, allowing Bronya and the design team to optimise the kitchen layout and assist in planning the positions of the doors and windows. Every nook and cranny of the kitchen was carefully considered, from the strategically placed cutlery drawer next to the dishwasher to the compact integrated fridge near the sink and the charming breakfast station at the worktop wall unit.

Collaborating with Peter and Nicola, the design team allowed them to bring their unique vision to life. The flexible approach to design resulted in a hybrid of two primary cooker hood styles that perfectly aligned with their aspirations. As the son of a joiner, Peter's deep appreciation for wood craftsmanship became a significant factor. A visit to The White Kitchen Company showrooms solidified their choice, as the well-made, in-frame kitchen offered high-quality and value. Peter shared that "every tradesperson who has seen the kitchen cabinets has praised its appearance and quality." While their renovation journey is nearly complete, the kitchen, long finished, remains a source of pride.