Glass Cabinetry in the Kitchen

Glass Cabinetry in the Kitchen

Glass cabinetry in a kitchen space has been a popular choice for so many years. It has regularly been debated whether the style is somewhat dated, but the result has always been that they offer more pros than cons. Here we explain their benefits further and when and where to use them. 

Originating from the 18th-century bookcase design, glass cabinetry is as popular now as it has ever been. It developed from the want to display items in a similar way to shelves, without having them out fully on display and being able to have a style that is the same as the closed-door cabinetry around the room. The glass on the units formerly ranged from tinted to swirl-style glass, but now the majority are simply plain glass with the ability to see what is contained in the cupboard.

So, how do you know when to use them, and will they suit your space? That is a tough balance. Here, we explore the "Pros" and "Cons" of glass cabinetry to help you decide whether they are suitable for you and your kitchen space.

Pros of Glass Cabinets in the Kitchen

Glass cabinetry

An Airy Kitchen Design

Cabinets with glass fronts make a small or midsize kitchen feel very airy. Working as an alternative to open shelving, it can brighten up rooms by reflecting natural lighting. It also enables you to be more adventurous with dark colours. If you had a room similar to the London Townhouse above, you can use dark colours for your cabinetry provided it is balanced with other light items in the room such as the wall colour and flooring. Introducing glass cabinet doors can maximise the flow of light into darker corners.

glass cabinets

Breaks the Kitchen Up

Solid wood cabinet doors might seem boring in large kitchens with plenty of cabinetry. Glass cabinets, however, offer a variety of methods to break up the monotony. Your kitchen can be made more interesting by using frosted or leaded glass, placing attractive dishes behind transparent glass, or merely employing a few glass panels in specific cabinets. You can also change the glass from time to time which is a lot easier to do than changing your other cabinets.

glass cabinetry in shaker kitchen

Helps the Kitchen to Appear Larger

Transparent glass gives your kitchen more depth because it allows the eye to pass through in a manner that solid cabinet doors cannot. The addition of glass front cabinet doors can expand the appearance of a compact, enclosed kitchen. The glass opens it up and gives an appearance of a large space.

glass black cabinetry

Display your Favourite Items

We all spend an abundance of money every year on new items for the kitchen. From crockery to dishes, pots and pans, we love to have attractive items to cook and eat from. So it makes sense that those items can be displayed for all to see. Taking it further, many of our customers add lighting inside the cabinets which gives an extra bit of allure to the units.

Cons of Glass Cabinets in the Kitchen

glass cabinetry


Where solid wood door cabinets are easy to maintain and clean, glass cabinets may consume a little more of your time. Glass tends to show finger marks, smears and dust very clearly. You may spend more time keeping them polished and tidy than you'd like to.

glass cabinets small kitchen

Reduces Storage Space

If you, like some, simply like to keep a cluttered cupboard, then you may have to put up with a messy look if you choose a glass cupboard. If not, then keeping the appearance and cosmetic look may reduce what you can put in the cupboards. You also might not have complete sets of crockery so your mismatched items may look unusual.

glass units kitchen


Your solid wood kitchen, as we guarantee, lasts a lifetime. Glass, however, does not offer the same benefit. It may break, crack or even discolour over time so you may need to replace it every so often.

Overall Opinion: YES to Glass Cabinetry

Balancing up the Pros and Cons, we believe Glass Cabinets are great for the right space. They offer natural light, breaks in design, and a chance to show off your finest china. Shop online for our Glass Cabinets by clicking the image below.