Our Fusion Range

When there are many styles of cabinets to choose from, it can be hard to decide which will look the best in your space. Especially when each style looks as beautiful as the other, it is no surprise if you struggle to choose between classic, traditional and modern styles. So, for those who would like a mixture of all of their favourite features, our Fusion range is likely to be the perfect solution for you!

Our Fusion range is the newest style of cabinetry that we have to offer. It is a transitional style between our modern, flat fronted kitchens and our traditional Shaker and Period English styles. By effortlessly blending the slab fronts with handles, our designs explore clean lines and bold blocks of colour whilst keeping the same, high quality of all our bespoke furniture. 

You can style the cabinets to look classic or modern with just a simple change of their handles and colour. They make stunning additions to classic, contemporary or minimalist styles of kitchen, as well as industrial or warehouse themes.


 Quality Craftsmanship

Much like all of our other cabinetry, the Fusion range is made with the highest quality craftsmanship to give our customers the most hard-wearing yet beautiful kitchens possible, no matter what style they opt for. All of our units are available in lacquered oak or painted in any colour of your choice. You can also opt to have your kitchen, freestanding or fitted too; we ensure you have complete flexibility throughout the entire decision-making process.


Visit Our Showroom

If you would like to see our Fusion range for yourself and to explore its differences to our other cabinetry, we recommend booking a showroom visit to do just that! We would love to show you around and discuss your project and options in detail. To book, simply call 01604 435835 or send us an email via our online contact form.