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The English Heritage Kitchen

Beautiful – Traditional – Sustainable

English Heritage is a trusted historic charity that cares for over 400 sites, carrying out vital conservation work to keep England’s story alive for generations to come. With our aligned values of maintaining traditional craftsmanship and methods, we decided that collaborating with English Heritage would be a perfect fit. Each kitchen is not only a cherished addition to our client’s homes but also helps English Heritage. 

The English Heritage kitchen collection celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of England’s architectural and cultural past. When designing the range of cabinetry, we gathered inspiration from many English Heritage historic sites including Apsley House, Down House and Brodsworth Hall. Our creative journey led us to some unexpected sources, from the charming cornice on a maid’s long-forgotten wardrobe to a delightfully panelled window shutter at Darwin’s Down House. 

We proudly craft English Heritage kitchens in our workshop in England entirely from fully certified sustainable hardwood; we do not use any chipboard or MDF. Our cabinets are painted using The White Kitchen Company’s newly formulated English Heritage furniture paint, which has an extremely low VOC.

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Meticulously crafted from FSC-certified hardwood, the English Heritage collection features traditional dovetail jointed hardwood carcasses. This ensures durability and showcases age-old craftsmanship.

Oak Drawers

Each solid oak drawer is dovetail jointed on all four corners. The hardwood drawer fronts are fully framed with traditional cock beading, a classic 18th-century English design detail that is also present on our doors. The drawer fronts feature an additional detail in the form of a raised and fielded panel.

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Cabinet Doors

Crafted from solid FSC-certified hardwood, our traditional 5-piece doors feature mortise and tenon joints. These doors showcase a slim frame accented with a delicate inner cock bead and a flat centre panel.

Decorative Pillars

Our panelled pillars serve as a historic architectural element to visually separate sections of cabinetry, for example; where cabinets are staggered or where corners meet. They provide a seamless transition between cabinet elements, and when strategically placed, they create a period feel.

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Classic Side Panels

Depending on your design, we can choose to finish the sides of the cabinets as beautiful framed panels featuring cock beading. Decorative panelling can be used on freestanding furniture to enhance the cabinet’s aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Additionally, we can incorporate these panels into our island designs.


The distinctive Ogee skirting board design was inspired by a Victorian back hallway used by the servants leading to the kitchens. With its unique S-curve profile, this type of Ogee skirting has brought ornamental flair to interiors for centuries.

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Our English heritage cornice is a classic ogee with a small cove found on many pieces of period English furniture. Serving as the crowning glory, it adds a finishing touch of elegance and character to the range

Environmentally Friendly

Our commitment to sustainability is evident throughout our product range. We exclusively utilise solid FSC-certified hardwoods, ensuring responsible sourcing of materials. Our specially formulated English Heritage furniture paint boasts extremely low VOC levels.

At The White Kitchen Company, we operate with environmental consciousness at every level. Our showroom is powered by solar panels, reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Furthermore, our workshops utilise biomass heating, fuelled by timber waste, minimising our carbon footprint.

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