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The Period English Kitchen

Timeless Elegance

Whether you are trying to recreate a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian style kitchen choose our ‘Period English’ style units with its classic thumb moulds and an authentic bead finish. A very classic and timeless appearance is created by the Period English kitchen, which blends traditional characteristics in a straightforward design. The in-frame styled look creates a tranquil space to unwind and entertain guests. It is displayed here in a combination of dark and light hand-painted tones.



Classic English Design

Bringing together timeless design and the finest craftsmanship, the Period English collection is defined by a classic thumb mould around the panelled doors and drawer fronts and a bead running the length of the top and bottom edges of the top drawers. Traditional techniques like the Mortise and Tenon joint, solid steel butt hinges and dovetail drawers add strength to our handmade units and make them traditionally authentic

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The Georgian Kitchen

Georgian style kitchen

Marble was a material favoured by the Georgians so it is a natural choice for the worktops of a Georgian-inspired kitchen. A butler or Belfast sink was an important feature of the Georgian kitchen, and its solid, unfussy shape still appeals today. For the door furniture bronze drop handles, cup handles and knobs would suit this period.


The Victorian Kitchen

Victorian inspired kitchen


The Edwardian Kitchen

edwardian inspired kitchen

Copper was classed as outdated and enamelled iron was in as it was easier to clean. Glass-fronted cupboards were chosen instead of open shelving and although the kitchens were mainly white they were often mixed with bolder contrasting colours for the floors and furniture. Take a look at one of our client’s Edwardian-inspired kitchens.

Modern machines are the anachronism in a period kitchen. We have a large selection of units designed to hide and house your appliances and whether you opt for freestanding or fitted units there are hundreds of options to create a traditional kitchen.  We have a modular system, which allows you to buy directly from our online store using our design guide or allow us to design your bespoke kitchen for you. Either way, you can achieve a unique period kitchen style, whether it be Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian. Most period kitchens have centre tables that double up for prepping and dining. Nowadays we can opt for kitchen islands, where we store goods, prep, eat and house modern appliances.