Painted Kitchens

Hand painted kitchens

Hand Painted Kitchens


Solid wood painted kitchens are extremely fashionable and a practical choice. Thanks to their durable finish, they rarely show scratches and the softer look is ideally suited to traditional cabinetry. Hand painting creates a lovely depth and texture with delicate brush strokes, making each piece unique.

Whilst fashions have changed hand painted kitchens have always remained on trend. Units originally supplied hand painted are easy to re-paint where others can be much more difficult making them very durable. We know your cabinets will pick up the odd blemish in day-to-day use, but these can be touched up quickly and easily. A great choice for a busy kitchen or family home.

Our professional finishers spray the doors with a quality primer. After which, a second solid white first coat is applied for a perfect base (this is where The White Kitchen Company gets its name). The final coat is either painted in situ by a professional to ensure a flawless finish.  Alternatively, we offer a hand painted finish in any colour you choose. This is painted in our factory with a very hard wearing paint specially designed for cabinets in constant use. 

Our units are a blank canvas that can be personalised with any colour. Our clients have a choice of their own bespoke colour, they are not limited to a few shades off the shelf and they are completely customisable. You can choose from any paint manufacturer or even invent your own RAL colour. A popular look is mixing two or three different shades to give a casual feel and can be used to break up a long run of cabinetry.

A quality hand painted kitchen is easy to refresh or keep bang-up-to-date if trends change. So when you do decide it's time to re-paint it's like getting a new kitchen but at a fraction of the cost and without the upheaval.

So if you would like a chance to experiment with colour, give one of our designers a call.