made to measure kitchen units

Made to Measure Kitchen Units

At the White Kitchen company we offer both, made to measure and a bespoke kitchen service. So what’s the difference you ask? Made to measure kitchens are designs taken from our collections (Period English or our Shaker Kitchen design) and made to fit a specific area. For example, a passageway may require a narrower cabinet to give adequate clearance. Or you may need a cabinet to finish a certain width to centralise a feature. This can also apply to the design, for example, plain draw fronts are becoming popular with Shaker kitchens. This would be classed as made to measure adaption, it's just a slight change from our standard range. In addition to this we also offer a bespoke furniture service. With this service anything is possible, any design in any size. From librariesbars and cellars to dressing rooms.

Are all units made to measure?

So “Where do I start?” you might ask yourself. Well, firstly you have to consider your kitchen design. 90% of your kitchen may be suitable for standard units (we have a huge range to choose from, far more than our website). 5% could be a made-to-measure option, where we make the cabinets fit perfectly into a specific space. You may have an odd niche in the kitchen which could be utilised, or a need for a freestanding piece of furniture, this 5% would be classed as bespoke. When you start designing your kitchen we have several options:


DIY Design Option - If you know exactly what you want, you can buy your units online. We can double check you have everything you need.

In-Studio Design Option - If you measure up your room and send us your plan, we can design your kitchen in-house. This option is in high demand, so sometimes lead times are a little longer.

Our Design Service - For a fee of £300, we will come out to you, measure up and talk about design options and ideas on-site. This option normally gets priority in the design studio.

With our made-to-measure kitchen units, we can accommodate many requests with no extra charge, but in some instances, there may be a 10% price increase. Not much, for a perfect fit! If you would like to find out more, or would like to book a design visit. Give us a call on: 01604 435835.