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Free Standing & Unfitted Kitchens

Create a Free-Standing Look

At the White Kitchen Company, we have recognised a growing trend in kitchen furniture that has been around in Europe for quite some time, ‘the freestanding unfitted kitchen’. Although many of our customers have chosen their kitchen units to be fitted our solid wood base units arrive in one piece (no flat pack assembly), so naturally they lend themselves to be left free-standing.

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The Benefits of Looking Like Free-Standing Kitchen Units


  • You can design them as a run of units, or have them as an individual cabinet look by adding leg and end panels.
  • Within the kitchen, you can combine antique or retro pieces for a characterful, laid-back look. 
  • Old homes with their wonky walls can make fitting cabinets more difficult, whereas the freestanding look works well.
  • Because these items are free-standing, you can take them with you when you move or sell*.


  • Modern appliances can be totally hidden.


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Traditional Projects

Fitted kitchens might seem like a better use of the space, but once you have one, you’re committed to it. With an un-fitted kitchen style that is made up of robust cabinets (not flat packed), you can change how your kitchen looks by rearranging the units and re-fitting the worktop. Or even sell or take them with you if you move home.

The island is one of the most sought-after features in any modern kitchen. Using our online shop makes it possible to create bespoke islands adaptable for specific functions, and it’s easy to create a social entertaining space while still maintaining a functional workstation. If you are unsure what type of Island shape is best for you, take a look at our Kitchens with Islands guide page.


TWKC’s units are available with stepped-back kick-boards, this creates a freestanding look but stops crumbs and dust from collecting underneath. Our units have flat sides so they can be screwed together, and then worktops can be added with an up-stand to create a freestanding piece. The units come in four styles. The Shaker Range, the Period English Range, the Modern Range and our Fusion Range. All are available direct from the Manufacturer.

Our ‘Fit Your Own’ freestanding solid wood units are available to buy and are a selection of units which are intended to give a wide choice of options to create a beautiful and practical kitchen. However, we can also make bespoke units built to order and slight alterations can be accommodated. All our cabinet doors, drawers and frames are solid wood, all joints are morticed and tenoned, drawers are dovetailed and our carcasses are built to last a lifetime. You can opt for natural oak doors, painted alder or undercoated ready-to-paint onsite. be left natural and lacquered or undercoated ready to paint. You can fit them yourselves (DIY) or we can arrange to fit them for you.

Whether you decide on free-standing or fitted, contemporary or classic our units are always designed to incorporate the latest appliances, including kitchen islands. We are here to help, have a chat with one of our design team to go through ideas for your freestanding kitchen look. Or to make an appointment just call or email us.

* = Some cabinets may need to be screwed together for safety. These can be simply unscrewed. Worktops would need to be mechanically fixed (without adhesives).