shaker kitchen with island

Shaker Kitchens

Shaker style kitchens are incredibly versatile and suit any setting. Our design is not cluttered, its simple features embody sophistication, style and quality.  Click on the pictures below to view our customers truly timeless shaker style kitchens.



Get The Shaker Look

Shaker Kitchens are a speciality of ours at The White Kitchen Company. The Shaker design dates back to the mid-18th Century, characterised by its simplicity, functionality & quality craftsmanship. Despite the lack of ornamentation, the simple artistry of the furniture is the charm and has remained timeless over many centuries. The Shakers were a religious group that believed that beauty rests on utility. The clean design originates from the principles of simplicity and honesty, they believed in making something well whilst displaying understated elegance and care. Simple Shaker Kitchens can bring a sense of order and calm to a room that’s usually the busiest in the home.

It’s an ethos that’s continued right through to today. At The White Kitchen Company, we aim to deliver functionality and high-quality craftsmanship within every solid wood kitchen we make. A solid oak kitchen is a valuable investment for any home and it is important to choose a style that is both practical and reflective of your personality. Our furniture is all about minimalism, function and quality and is handmade using both modern and traditional techniques. We combine traditional design with modern practicality. Our understated fitted and freestanding Shaker furniture should appeal to anyone who appreciates simple styling and fine English cabinetry.

A core component of our quality is the ‘Mortise and Tenon joint’. We use this type of joint in the construction to give the highest quality and strength to our cabinets. They often fall into the classic category because of their five-piece, country style doors. All our doors are hung in-frame. Where the doors hang inside a frame instead of hanging on the outside like cheaper units. We have a modular system, which allows you to buy directly from our online store. or if preferred we can do it all for you. Either way, you can achieve a unique kitchen, fitted or unfitted.

For a modern twist on this iconic style, you have an unlimited choice of handles and colours making a simple style very versatile. This allows you to create a classic or contemporary style. Our painted units are not limited in colour. So if you need a period colour from Farrow and Ball, The Little Green Company or something more unique you have a vast choice. Shaker design is not cluttered, its simple features embody sophistication, style and quality. Whether you design your kitchen yourself or use The White Kitchen Company's design service, we are with you all the way. Kitchens are a very emotive and personal purchase. Our dedication will provide you with a unique luxury kitchen of the highest quality and value for money.