DIY - Kitchen Cabinets

If you're looking for a designer kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Why not buy your kitchen online and try a bit of DIY!

Many people are turning to the internet to save money and kitchens are no exception. Prices are becoming more transparent and gone are the days of non-itemised quotes (buy it all or we won't supply). Purchasing on-line means you are able to see individual unit prices. The White Kitchen Company cabinets are high-end quality and If you're clever, you can get your designer kitchen at main stream prices. So, why purchase DIY kitchen cabinets from TWKC? Apart from the fantastic quality, each unit arrives at your door as a solid piece of furniture. Not flat packed, but properly hand-made by craftsman with dovetailed joints. This alone saves you (or your fitter) time and money.


It may seem like a large project to take on, but If you’re a competent DIY’er, the money saved can be worth the time and effort. Many of our clients choose to buy via our online shop, with the aim of purchasing a high-end designer kitchen at a mainstream price. Who wants mainstream, when you can have the best? Firstly measure up your space and write it down clearly. Why? If you do this you have the option of sending it to The White Kitchen Company’s design team. The service is free if you are planning to purchase a DIY Kitchen from the shop. This way you won’t forget anything and it will be easy to visualise.

Designs Available for DIY Kitchen Cabinets

You can choose either a beaded period English design.These cabinets look great in older properties. Or a shaker style, which can look great in both old and new properties.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets - Finishes 

You have a few options here, depending on how good your DIY painting is!

Add your cabinets to the SHOP basket, then press the BUY button, all prices include VAT and Delivery within the UK. But if all this seems too much trouble, we can do it all for you! Contact us today.