The Beauty of Traditional Kitchens

The Beauty of Traditional Kitchens

When thinking about the traditional kitchen, imagine a time when simple and practical design combined effortlessly. Picture kitchens like the ones in popular British period dramas like Downton Abbey. These kitchens, once found in basements, have been brought back to life using modern appliances and traditional cabinetry while still maintaining the elegant style of eras gone by.

Period English Kitchens, grey

The traditional kitchen values elegance through simplicity. In the past, these kitchens were all about practicality. The walls and cabinets were painted in matte, earthy colours, sticking to a single-color scheme. However, modern kitchens have evolved. They now feature subtle luxuries like hard-wearing eggshell paint finishes. Traditional materials such as marble, smooth stone, and lacquered wood are favoured, complemented by the rustic appeal of unlacquered brass. Unlike the Georgian style’s strict symmetry, contemporary kitchens prioritize functionality. Furniture-inspired cabinets take the spotlight, with standalone cupboards and dressers replacing traditional wall-mounted options. Islands, whether raised or full-height, become prominent focal points, combining style and practicality. And, to pay homage to English Heritage, the addition of a “Pantry” brings both functionality and style to the modern kitchen space.

 English boot room with seating and storage areas

The English kitchen’s legacy is a rich tapestry woven with tradition and practicality. It goes beyond just how it looks and embraces the essence of daily life. Larder cupboards, for example, go back to a time before refrigeration when they were essential for preserving food. These cupboards, offering cool, pantry-like storage for items like cheese and eggs, bring both practicality and a sense of nostalgia. Meanwhile, the AGA stove, an iconic British appliance, represents warmth and comfort. Often found in the cosy corners of UK country homes, it symbolizes hospitality and comes in various colours to keep kitchens inviting during chilly British winters.

Kitchen featuring a black Aga

The Period English Collection from The White Kitchen Company offers timeless elegance. With traditional designs and meticulous craftsmanship, these kitchens transport you to a classic era while providing modern functionality. Whether you prefer Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian styles, our in-frame units and traditional details create a classic look. Explore our range and let us help you design your unique period kitchen in solid wood bespoke cabinetry.