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A Peek into 2024 Kitchen Trends

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As we navigate through the culinary landscape of 2024, kitchens have become a canvas for modernity, warmth, and sustainability. Here’s a glimpse into the trends that have shaped our kitchen spaces over the past year:

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Embracing Nature’s Touch:
Kitchens now boast a touch of nature, featuring modern and organic textures. From inviting oak islands to the use of natural materials and charming reeded glass, our kitchens have evolved into stylish sanctuaries.

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Appliance Evolution:
Say hello to induction hobs with extraction! Not only do they redefine how we cook, but they also turn our kitchen islands into lively hubs for entertainment and connection.

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Fittings with Flair:
Antique brass steals the show, exuding timeless charm. While chrome makes an occasional appearance, our customers lean towards enduring and classic design.

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Quartz Elegance:
Quartz is the reigning champion for worktops, often adorned with gold accents. This adds a touch of luxury and seamlessly ties in with the brass elements sprinkled throughout the kitchen.

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Personalized Walls:
Rare but delightful, wallpaper takes its place on feature walls, injecting a dose of personality into our living spaces. 15

Purposeful Spaces:
In our kitchens, purposeful workstations are gaining traction. Bar areas, appliance cupboards, and cosy coffee stations are becoming favourites, especially in larger spaces.

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Open Shelving’s Comeback:
Open shelving is back in vogue, particularly in more spacious kitchens. Worktop shelving, too, is making its mark, offering both style and functionality.

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Elevating Living Spaces with Smart Home Integration:
Smart tech seamlessly integrates, offering voice-controlled ambience, intuitive lighting adjustments, and immersive soundā€”transforming homes for a modern, effortlessly luxurious living experience. Customers initially worried about smart home integrations quickly changed their minds when shown how easy they are to set up and install.

Illuminating Choices:
While lighting isn’t our speciality, LED dresser fixtures are gaining popularity. Plus, there’s a rising interest in mixing switches to brass, creating a cohesive look with handles.

As we reflect on the past year, open-plan spaces steal the spotlight for entertaining, sustainability inquiries are on the rise, and questions about financing options are more frequent (watch this space!). Textured doors add that final touch of character to our evolving kitchen stories. Here’s to more culinary adventures in 2024!