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Top Five Tips: How to Plan For Your Kitchen

Kitchen planning

Plan your way to your dream kitchen with our handy top five tips. Whether you’re looking to create a special family environment or a vibrant open space for socialising, planning is essential in getting the perfect space in your life.

1. Assess your current space

Starting with what you have in your current kitchen is the best way to start. Why not make a list of everything you like and dislike about it? Whether it’s the colour balance, worktop spaces, hidden appliances or even the cabinet space and layout, it’s the best way to start.

2. Research

Now you have a rough idea of what you may want in terms of use, it is time to gather inspiration. Create a Pinterest board and look at as many different styles as possible. Include everything that catches your eye. Colour palettes, kitchen styles, accessories, appliances, lighting and decor. Make sure you capture it all so you can compare and finalise exactly what you want.

3. Measure

This is a very underrated and essential part of the process. Countless issues arise during the kitchen process when measurements are incorrectly taken. Our best tip is to book a Site Visit with our experienced Project Managers. Not only will they measure the space accurately, but they may also help with deciding how best to utilise the space you have and check what you want will fit into the space you have.

4. Define a Budget 

I am sure we all have a dream in our head that we think is impossible to make into a reality. With your research, you will have a “dream” kitchen and an “affordable” kitchen. It may be good to outline an exact budget before you start selecting anything. That way, your dream may be your reality without you knowing it. Perhaps even break it down into three categories. Top, middle and low budgets will give you leeway with costs.

5. Visit a Showroom

Now that you have found your inspiration, defined your project space and planned your budget. It’s now time to see the real thing. A showroom visit is vital for two reasons. The first is making sure what you think you like is right for you. Seeing showroom colours and styles helps with that. The second reason is checking all the various things you want in your kitchen fit. If you didn’t have a site survey then our designs will help you to plan out and check what you need will go into your space.

Plan, plan, plan. Gloria Steinem once said, “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning”. 

We agree Gloria, we agree.

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