Contemporary Bright Kitchen

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This contemporary, bright, fitted kitchen in Liverpool presents a modern take on classic kitchens with its Shaker cabinets which are combined with flat fronted drawers to add variety to the cabinetry. Stainless steel pulls offer a modern edge; they match perfectly with the finish of the extractor fan, backsplash and other appliances such as the chrome bridge tap and American-style Samsung fridge to create a cohesive appearance throughout the space.

However, this classic kitchen, although simple, boasts a variety of brilliant features like many others we have designed and manufactured at The White Kitchen Company. The first is the beaming blue range cooker which adds a lustrous pop of colour and character, whilst complimenting the pale blue wall colour chosen by the customer. Furthermore, by having an integrated Fisher & Paykell drawer dishwasher and oven, the kitchen maximises its space and the panelling disguises any features which may be distracting or clashing with the statement blue colours. The hanging utensils below the Fisher and Paykell extractor fan prevents the build up of clutter on the worktops of the classic kitchen; the curved corner cupboard and tall, single door cupboard alongside the fridge ensures that no space is left unused too.