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Liverpool is a city that is culturally rich with its wide variety of museums and art collections. We admire this rich cultural history and provide the city and its surrounding areas with our classic, bespoke kitchens direct to you in a variety of styles such as Shaker and Period English. With over thirty years experience in designing and building kitchen furniture, our cabinets are all handmade with solid oak whilst always keeping our clients in mind. All styles are versatile and can be styled in a variety of different ways- take a look at our gallery to see how!

Bespoke & Handmade

All of our cabinets are handmade and built to last you a lifetime with their sheer versatility. In their lifetime they can be re-painted, their handles can be changed and you can even reconfigure them into a different design, as our units come in one piece and are not flat-packed. They are all delivered from our workshops directly to you in Liverpool to save you both time and money.

Our Kitchen Quality

We ensure that our kitchen cabinets are the best quality possible at a fair price, so call us today on 01604 435835 to build your perfect kitchen! Alternatively, take a look at our online shop which has a variety of furniture on offer and can be bought directly from here using our design guide as inspiration.

Teal Bespoke Kitchen Units
Solid Wood black modern shaker Kitchen
Green Shaker kitchen island

Transparent Value

Take a look at our bespoke kitchens and case studies to see how much a kitchen like yours may cost - Buy direct from the manufacturer.

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