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Designing your dream kitchen should be a fun, exciting and highly rewarding experience. And, the best part is that the outcome will be a unique creation at the very heart of your home that you can enjoy every day!

Whilst many kitchen companies refer to flow and lifestyle, our advice is to focus on the most important aspect, planning your perfect kitchen. To achieve your goal and to get everything in it’s right place, simply follow our easy to understand 5 Step Design Guide and trust your instincts.

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We have more than 20 years experience and are here to help you realise your dream. To assist you, you will find examples of various kitchens and what our customers paid for them in the Gallery & Prices section.

Make your wish list

Things I Need

  • Sink - Style & Size
  • Cooker - Range or Integrated
  • Fridge - Integrated or American
  • Dishwasher - Integrated or Not
  • Extractor

Things I want

  • Larder Cupboard
  • Microwave
  • Wine Fridge
  • Wine Rack
  • Warming Drawer

Measure Your Space

Using an A4 size sheet of paper (graph paper is easier than plain) draw the shape of your room. It’s probably square, oblong or L shaped.

Start at a convenient corner and measure to the first feature; it might be a door or window or something else. Write the measurement on the drawing in millimetres. Then measure the width of this feature. If it’s a door, include the architrave, ( a strip of wood moulding that is used to cover the transition between the wall and door frame), if it’s a cupboard, only measure up to the architrave.

On the paper that you’re drawing on, i.e. your plan, draw doors as open and windows as closed, per our example plan (title it as the Example Plan, Michal). If a window is lower than 900mm from the floor you need to note this, as standard height cupboards won’t fit under these windows. Note where all relevant features are, such as light switches, electric sockets and beams that come down from the ceiling low enough to touch your kitchen cabinets.

When you have gone all the way around the room and come back to where you started, take several overall wall to wall measurements. This help highlight any errors or miss-measurements. Don’t worry if the measurements don’t exactly add up as they are bound to be a few millimetres out.

Lastly, measure floor to ceiling in at least 3 different places and use the shortest measurement as your ceiling height.

Design Your Kitchen

This is the part where you get to be creative

First position the sink. This may be where it is already, with the plumbing already there, or possibly under a window looking over the garden. It’s up to you.

The dishwasher, usually goes next to the sink as it makes the plumbing easier.

Now position the fridge followed by the hob and built in oven or range cooker.

After all of your appliances are placed, simply fill in the gaps with cabinets. Please note that you may have to shuffle things around a bit to make them fit.

Next, design your island if you have enough space and want one. You should allow at least 800 mm between it and other objects in the kitchen. We recommend that you allow for 1200 mm if you can.

Lastly, decide on your wall cupboards.

Top Tips

Always allow a 30mm gap between a wall and a cabinet and purchase a scribe piece to fill the gap,for base cupboards you also need a scribe to go between the side of the cupboard and the wall where the side is on show.. You shouldn’t need this for wall cupboards unless your walls are very wobbly.

Setting a cupboard forward or back tight against the wall can create an attractive stepped out feature.

Most of our cupboards range from 300mm to 1000 mm wide.

Exceptions are: bin cupboard 470 mm wide, tray cupboard 200 mm wide, wine rack 160 mm or 360mm wide, bi-folding corner cupboard 330 mm + 530 mm = 860 mm x 860 mm but it takes up 930 mm x 930 mm if you keep it in line with the rest of the cupboards.

Dishwashers are 600 mm wide and other built-in appliances are 660 wide.

The curved cupboard is 330 mm wide, curved corner cupboard 500 mm + 530 mm = 1030 mm x 1030 mm but it takes up 1100 mm if you keep it in line with the rest of the cupboards.

There are a few narrow cupboards for those awkward gaps.

Most floor cupboards are 600mm deep, allow 650mm for the worktop which includes an overhang and small gap incase the walls are not straight.

If your kitchen island needs seating, allow 25cm for a worktop overhang and 50cm for seating width.

Try to position your bin next to the fridge or dishwasher, for the disposing of waste.

Remember when designing your kitchen island you can can request half width units to create storage on the back.

Allow a minimum of 800mm for tight passing areas.

Order Your Kitchen Cabinets

Using your kitchen design plan to choose the cabinets you want from our online shop. Don’t forget to add accessories like cornice and skirting.

Experience shows that you may find it helpful to begin ordering your hand made cabinets in this order: Start with a run of base cabinets and continue around the walls in a clockwise direction. Repeat the process with the island, then list the wall cupboards. Lastly, add the cornice and skirting boards including any curved cornice or skirting that you need.

Add your cabinets whether it be Plain Shaker or Period English and accessories to your online shopping cart and pay for them. Once delivered, your tradesman or whoever is fitting your kitchen, can paint your white cabinets in the colour of your choice. Of course, if you order cabinets from our lacquered oak range, no painting is required. Electrical appliances can be sourced online at extremely competitive prices and delivered to your home. Once your cabinets are fitted your local worktop specialist will supply and install your chosen worktops.

Enjoy your beautiful new hand made kitchen

Invite your family and friends over so that they can marvel at your wonderful new hand

made kitchen. And, the best part is, you can honestly tell them all that

it was designed by you!