How To Create Cosy Kitchens

cosy kitchen

In the winter months, there is nothing better than spending time in a kitchen that feels like a warm hug whilst being surrounded by cosy aromas of hot chocolate and delicious soup.

Some styles of homes naturally lend themselves to being cosy. Think farmhouse kitchens and kitchens in listed properties with their classic features- they are effortlessly cosy in nature. However, this isn't the case with some of our spaces. It's easy for a kitchen to feel like a stark, cold space because of its tiled floors and appliances. But, don't worry, there are some design tricks to make the space cosier whilst also ensuring it remains an area devoted to its function of cooking and eating.

1. Use Warm Colours and Tones

The first tip, and one of the most important features of a cosy kitchen, is to use warm colours. You can browse our kitchen gallery for inspiration on colours that look great with our bespoke cabinets, but we suggest opting for autumnal palettes to achieve this warm and cosy feeling. Think deep reds, oranges, greens and beiges- these colours and palettes are sure to give you the warmth you are looking for. 

In addition, exposed brick and wooden features like beams are also great at creating a warm and welcoming feeling; they are also very rustic in their appearance which is also a naturally cosy theme to adopt. When choosing your kitchen cabinet handles, choose materials that are warm in colour like brass or gold. These materials lend themselves to cosy environment and match the colour of a beautiful open fire. 

open shelving

2. Choose Open Shelving In Your Cosy Home

An easy way to create a cosy kitchen area is to display photographs or treasured possessions much like you would in other areas of your home such as your bedroom or living room. Open shelving is the ideal way to house these items!

Be careful not to go overboard though; this could make the space feel cluttered instead. We especially love this tip because, by giving your kitchen added personality with these personal touches, you are putting in a small amount of effort, yet making a big difference to your space! 

3. Create A Comfortable Window Nook

If you have a large window space in your kitchen, why not create a window nook? You can create one using our bespoke, comfortable bench seats comprised of our small cabinets... then all you need to do is add a blanket and some pillows! This gives you and your house guests a comfortable, relaxing spot where you can either enjoy a coffee or it can be a place where friends and family can sit and chat as you cook.

farmhouse kitchen

4. Introduce Rugs, Textiles and Artwork

Alongside introducing open shelving to your kitchen, adding features such as rugs, textiles or artwork into your kitchen can add personality to your space and thus add to its homely feeling.

A rug will help soften the hard surfaces that dominate kitchens – ensure you pick one that is washable so you can deal with any food splatters and spillages that may occur. If you have seating in your kitchen, how about adding a sheepskin, throw or cushion? Or add some artwork to break up the plain space of your walls. When it comes to creating a homely kitchen, there are so many small features such as these which can help you achieve your desired look! 

5. Smooth Shapes and Edges 

Smooth lines and curved finishes help to create a relaxed feel in any space.  For example, imagine your kitchen seating. With clean, smooth lines that are curved you can feel as though you are being invited into a warm embrace. Straight lines, although beautiful, in some spaces can feel rigid and do not complement cosy kitchens. 

6. Turn off your ambient lights 

There are three styles of lights you may be familiar with. There is task and accent lighting, as well as ambient lighting which functions to provide an even glow throughout the space to keep it well illuminated. With the addition of a dimmable switch, you can turn your lights down low and relax in the glow. 

Or, if you would prefer, turn your ambient lights off altogether. Then you will be left with a similar low-light affect; your kitchen will only being lit by your task and accent lighting and provide you will a similar feeling. 


7. Cosy Kitchens Need Candles

Last but not least, candles and the warm glow they create with their flame are a staple of a cosy space. Pair that glow with a delicious scent and you're sure to create a homey dream. Warm wood or musky smells are a staple restful scent, or even the smell of warm berries. It is of course down to personal preference, so choose whatever smell makes you feel the most snuggly. 

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