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Everything You Need to Know about DIY Kitchens

DIY kitchens

Many people are turning to the internet to save money, and DIY kitchens are no exception. Prices are becoming more transparent, and online purchasing means seeing individual unit prices. The White Kitchen Company cabinets are high-end quality, with reasonable pricing.  So, why purchase DIY kitchen cabinets from us? Apart from the fantastic quality, each unit arrives at your door as a solid piece of furniture. Not flat packed, but expertly hand-made by craftsman with dovetailed joints. This alone saves you (or your fitter) time and money. It may seem like a large project to take on, but if you’re a competent DIY’er, the money saved can be worth the time and effort. Many of our clients choose to buy via our online shop, intending to purchase a designer kitchen at a mainstream price.

So, how does ordering a DIY Kitchen work?

Firstly, measure up your space and write it down clearly. Why? If you do this, you can send it to The White Kitchen Company’s design team. The service is free if you are planning to purchase a DIY Kitchen from the shop. This way, you won’t forget anything and will be easy to visualise. By using our online shop, we have categorised all the essentials you will need to design your kitchen. Creating a wish list of things you need, want, and like is useful, so it’s easy to navigate what is at the top of your priority list. Everyone always has big ideas for designing spaces, but unfortunately, these aren’t always practical. So, by creating this list, you know the essentials to add first, then add any extras you want afterwards.

What are the Benefits of a Do-It-Yourself Kitchen?

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you know exactly what you want in your kitchen but are having to wait for confirmed renders from designers. By ordering directly from our online shop, you can skip the design process and go straight to ordering from our manufacturer. Resulting in a shorter lead time and your kitchen arriving sooner!

Measure Your Space

When measuring your space, all measurements should be in millimetres. First, draw the shape of your room; most kitchens are square, oblong, or L-shaped. If there are any columns in the room, measure the width and depth of these and include them in the drawing. Next, measure the floor-to-ceiling height and if there are any beams, measure the floor-to underside height of these too. Then, for each window, list the floor-to-window sill height and the height of each window from the sill to the top of the window. When measuring doors, ensure to include the architrave (the frame around the door). Lastly, note where all relevant features are, such as light switches, electric sockets, and beams that come down from the ceiling low enough to touch your kitchen cabinets.

How to Use Our Online Shop

Once you have created your kitchen plan, the hard part is over! Now it is time to use this to order the cabinetry from our DIY kitchens online shop. We have created our online shop to make your ordering as easy as possible. Divided into categories, these make it easier to navigate yourself through the essentials for your kitchen. It’s as simple as choosing your cabinets and deciding whether you’d like them primed or lacquered. (If you would like them painted, please add this to the special notes or pop one of our team an email, and they will ensure the units come in your desired colour) Add final accessories such as skirting, cornices, or end panels. Finally, any hardware you would like to finish off your kitchen. We know how hard it can be to keep track of multiple orders from different companies, so to make your life easier, we can supply you with a quote for electrical appliances and worktops too! If you would prefer, you can source them yourself – the choice is yours.

Designers Tip*

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to start when designing your kitchen, decide on your appliances. If you choose the location of appliances first, you can then fill the gaps and build around them. – If appliances change, cabinetry changes! – Take a look at our online Design Guide for more information.

Final Touches

Once you have added everything to your cart and checked out, a design team member will call you to confirm your choices and ensure you have everything you need. This will be followed up with an email confirmation, and before you know it, your kitchen will be in the manufacturing process! Our lead time is 10-12 weeks from when payment is taken for any of our DIY kitchens, so this gives you time to prepare your space ready for when your dream kitchen arrives!

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