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Create a Smart Kitchen Retrospectively with Zuma


Creating high-end furniture to last a lifetime is what we provide to our clients at The White Kitchen Company. That is why we work with high-end brands that deliver the same service and quality that we do, making great additions to your home. We have recently started working with Zuma. Zuma is a new wireless system that brings premium high-fidelity audio into any room through your ceiling lights. A unique high-performance ceiling speaker with low-energy LED light – all housed within a stylish, deceptively simple install ceiling light fixture.

The Smart Zuma Downlight

Zuma aims to do away with the siloed approach between manufacturers that creates a mishmash of devices that can’t work together and instead provides a comprehensive suite of products that do!

Zuma’s smart lights blend elegant industrial design with a purpose. Made from high-quality materials with precision engineering, Zuma Lumisonic is the first fully controllable, customisable multi-sensory light to include hi-fi quality sound. That means it can provide effortless multi-room surround sound and lighting to suit any mood throughout a building.

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The units can be retrofitted around the home, even bathrooms, which can transform bathrooms into spas or kitchens into concert halls. All at the touch of a button! As these rooms become increasingly important for personal well-being and entertainment, products must become more intelligent to add genuine value.

Zuma launched their Smart Bezel Voice in September; bolstering its offering, it integrated Alexa voice control into its Lumisonic unit. The aim was to take Amazon’s Alexa functionality off the work surfaces and into the ceiling for easy voice control whenever you need it.

We understand that everyone wants the best for their home, but if all this sounds expensive, Zuma says they are proud to disrupt that thought process too. Typically, installing Zuma into your home will come at around a quarter of the cost of a legacy custom installation, and the procedure is straightforward. Zuma can generally fit right into old spotlight fittings and needs nothing more than some simple wiring — no drilling or rewiring required. 

zumer smart downlights

Bringing smart home technology together under one roof – quite literally — is what the industry has been missing up until now, and Zuma is proud to be leading the way. Zuma wants to give customers a smart home experience that truly makes the home behave smarter, transforming lives in a way that removes the boundaries of technical know-how and expense.

If you’re interested in adding Zuma smart speaker lights to your new kitchen, visit our showroom and see them in action! To book an appointment call 01604 435835 and start your journey to a new smarter kitchen.