These 4 Ideas Make The Ideal Family Kitchen

These 4 Ideas Make The Ideal Family Kitchen

So, you're designing a new kitchen and would like it to be suitable for the whole family? We have some suggestions for you! Whether it is you who will be doing all of the cooking and cleaning, or if you will be just using it as a social hub - it's important that your kitchen is suitable for everyone. So here is our advice regarding the design features you should consider for your family kitchen. 

Family Kitchen Ideas - Grow Your Own

A brilliant way to teach your children about the importance of healthy eating is growing your own greens! Dedicate a small space in your kitchen- the windowsill is best- to growing some of your own vegetables. There are a variety that can be grown indoors such as carrots, peppers and potatoes to name a few!

Planting these is a fun activity to complete with your little ones and also helps to make your space feel more cosy and homely thanks to their greenery. 

Easy To Clean Materials For Family Cooking

The kitchen is a space that you are likely to make a mess in; spills and splashes are always likely to happen. They are even more likely if you have little ones who are helping you cook or bake. Therefore an important feature of a family kitchen is having materials that are easy to clean. From worktops, splash backs, floors and wall paints- trust us when we say you will be thankful you chose easy to clean surfaces. 

Choose easy-wipe materials for your worktops such as marble or quartz which can be wiped with hot, soapy water or a dry cloth. Paint your walls in a wipeable paint, so that when a splash or spillage occurs, it can be fixed with a simple wipe. 


family seating area

Seating Area

There is nothing more important than a seating area in a family kitchen; this could be either a dining table, breakfast bar or seating at a kitchen island. No matter which style of seating area you have in your kitchen, it serves as the central hub of your kitchen space for a number of reasons.

It is firstly an area for you and your family to enjoy mealtimes with one another at the end of a hard working day.  As well, it makes for a great place for your children to complete their homework and do fun activities with their friends. There are many different uses for your seating area, but these are just the main two.  

Extra Storage Solutions

We all have that space in the kitchen which is dedicated to putting all of our letters, paperwork, school work and more. Purchase some file storage trays to place all of these bits and pieces so that they are out of sight and are filed orderly for when you next need them. Here you could also store a notebook and pen especially for shopping list writing, as well as a calendar to keep the entire family organised.

In addition, if you have additional cabinet space, it could be worthwhile dedicating this to your children's toys, books and crafts if they are frequently the type to enjoy playing in the kitchen. By storing these items in the kitchen, they are easily accessible for the next play session! 

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