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Discover New Layouts With A Double Kitchen Island

double island

Our designers have noted a trend recently with our customers; many of them have been asking us to design double islands in their new kitchens. Double kitchen islands are not reserved just for those with the largest kitchens; they can be an asset to modest spaces too.

So, if you are interested in adding a double island to your design, we have put together some of our favourite double island kitchen ideas. From zoning prep and dining areas to adding more surface and storage space for you to utilise, these double island kitchen ideas will open your mind to new layouts! 

Dining and Prepping

One of the main reasons to opt for this design is to zone areas of the kitchen; they are an ideal way to take advantage of the space and help it fill its potential. It is recommended that you zone areas based on task and therefore designate an island for each. 

The most common double island kitchen idea is to use one island for dining and the other for prepping. Having these two separate areas grants you an isolated space to cook your food where you will not be disturbed by others using the kitchen. Then, by introducing another island, especially for dining, you will have space where others can sit and chat with you whilst you prepare food, or for your young ones to complete homework – they make great additions to family kitchens!

Storage and Appliances

double isdlamd

Another way of zoning your space with these is by using one island for storage and the other as a hub for appliances. For those who are always seeking more storage space, having an extra island is the perfect opportunity for more cupboards and drawersРyou can never have too much storage!

Showcase Your Luxury Double Island Kitchen

If you do not require more storage space, use your second island as a sideboard. In your open plan kitchen and living space, a second island can serve as a visual divider which is both functional and beautiful. Place your favourite ornaments or your favourite flower arrangements to create a visual display for all to marvel at.

Choose Freestanding Double Kitchen Island

Finally, you do not have to stick to the conventional kitchen island style. Instead, consider this charming idea. Using freestanding furniture, such as a butcher’s block, can provide your kitchen with some much-needed versatility; you can adapt it to your every need. Use it in your kitchen as a prepping space and then move it to another area to lay out a buffet spread when entertaining. With freestanding furniture, you have additional freedom to use your island in all of these different ways.

If you would like us to design a double island for you and your new kitchen, please feel free to get in touch with us. Simply call us on 01604 435835 or contact us via our online contact form. We would love to create your dream kitchen!