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How To Create A Kitchen Island

island inspiration

Quite often, when visiting several kitchen showrooms, you will have seen a kitchen or layout that inspires you. Showrooms are great for providing you with ideas and inspiration to take away and use in your own space.

So if come across¬†something you like –¬†we can help you achieve the same look! For this blog, we shall specifically show you how you can use our online shop and our bespoke cabinetry to create your kitchen island. However, using our cabinets to design your whole kitchen is just as easy!

So, simply follow this guide and you will be able to create your very own kitchen island unique to you and your needs. 

kitchen island

We shall use this specific island as an example of how you can design and create your island in your kitchen. 

1. Kitchen Island Ideas- Brainstorm What You Need 

Before you begin creating your island, you need to consider what you will use it for. Will it provide you with extra storage space? Is it an area dedicated to seating?

Once you have concluded what you will be using your island for, you will be able to have a clear idea of the cabinets you require. 

2. Choose Your Island Units 

Once you have decided on the cabinets you need, you can begin to build your Island and add these to your online basket.

As you can see in the image, the front of the island is made up of three units. Two triple-drawer cupboards and one single-drawer, double-door unit. 

The same units are used on the front of the island, as you can see in the image, and on the back too. Therefore, the island is made up of six cabinets in total.

kitchen island accessories

3. Finishing Touches 

Next, it is time to add the small finishing touches. First, choose if you would like the sides of your island to be ‘plain’ or if you would like a ‘grooved’ design. These end panels will create a finished look for your cabinets. 

Next, add the skirting to go along the bottom of the cupboards.

4. Choose a Work Surface

Finally, all you have to do is pick your kitchen work surface. Think carefully about which material you should choose for this. We recommend you pick a durable material so that it will be able to handle years of use. As well, think about which colour and style will match the colour you will choose for your cabinets. This will greatly affect your decision. 

And within four steps you have created a kitchen island. It is really that simple!