Kitchen Brass Handle Trend

Kitchen Brass Handle Trend

How you finish off your designer kitchen is just as important as choosing the overall colour or material. Many do not realise the importance of the smaller elements of the kitchen space, but it is these small details which all come together to make a big difference. Kitchen stools, kitchen door handles and knobs, taps, interior fittings – depending on the style and finish you choose, you shall be granted a completely different look each time. 

According to Country Living, brass is the new copper and will become a huge decor trend for the upcoming season. Industrial finishes such as concrete are still drumming up lots of interest at design shows, brushed brass is year’s stand-out metal, giving a luxurious finish to handles, small appliances and even plug sockets. Oh, and brass taps are absolutely everywhere. But resist the overkill!

‘The Industrial Kitchen’ trend and the new ‘Boho look’ is not only easily adaptable with colours but also comes hand in hand with good quality and timeless design – something which a kitchen needs.

The use of traditional materials being reclaimed and restyled for the modern day home, brings warmth to even the starkest, most minimalist of interiors.

Brass Handles For Cupboards

Brass re-emerged as a popular kitchen cabinet handle finish back in 2018 and continued into 2019. Now, years later in 2022, brass handles are regularly paired with dark colour palettes and acting as statement features within the kitchen. They make the perfect addition to a kitchen which needs a small sprinkle of luxury. 

It's not just taps either, although feature taps and statement sinks are becoming increasingly popular too.  Mixed metals are still a key trend too and mixing with metal appliances can work well. 


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