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Kitchen Trends for 2023

2023 trends

Why do some concepts or behaviours capture the public’s attention, whether it be through social platforms, online websites, hearsay, or the newest design trends? How do kitchen trends develop? Who is in charge of them? And what distinguishes a “trend” from a passing fad?

Because trends are essentially the result of social dynamics, it can be challenging to predict when they will emerge, which are passing and which are here to stay. Once a sufficient number of people have embraced the trend, they develop traction, become deeply ingrained in people’s minds, and inspire millions throughout the world.

Here, we take a look at those that are currently circling and give our opinion and whether they are here to stay.

2023 Colour – Grey

Gray is a popular choice among many interior designers and homeowners because it is timeless and adaptable. This preferred neutral colour is now being used frequently for kitchen cabinetry in addition to appearing on furniture and other furnishings.

It is simple to match grey kitchen cabinets with a number of backsplash designs, countertop materials, and appliance finishes because of the colour’s range of tones, which can lean either warm or chilly.

Grey complements almost all kitchen designs and cabinet styles, whether your cooking space is more modern or has a farmhouse aesthetic. To incorporate grey kitchen cabinets into your own home, we advise using Farrow & Ball or Little Greene colours. Some of these are:

  • Vulcan (Little Greene)
  • Baluster (Little Greene)
  • Dark Lead Colour (Little Green)
  • Scree (Little Greene)
  • Inox (Little Greene)
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Splashback Shelving

The splashback in the kitchen is obviously not new. There has, however, been a logical change in splashback layouts as a result of some people’s continued decision to exclude upper cabinets. In 2023, the backsplash that transforms into a small depth shelf will likely become increasingly prevalent in kitchen design.

The depth of the shelf may differ depending on the homeowner’s wants and needs. Many that we see have just 4-6 inches of depth, which is enough to serve as a photo shelf or plant shelf. It might also accommodate cups and other kitchen accessories.

Nothing prevents you from building a deeper ledge. However, if you purposefully decided to not have overhead cabinets, it is likely that you prefer a lighter, more open appearance.

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Scandinavian Style Kitchens

Scandinavian kitchens are easily identifiable. A Scandi-scheme is characterised by natural materials, simple lines, and a minimalist aesthetic. Contrary to extreme minimalism, the appearance has a softer and cosier edge as a reaction to the harsh Nordic winters. Perfectly Scandinavian kitchens, cosy fabrics, toasty woods, and serene, light colour schemes all fit in.

Scandinavian style has influenced our understanding of home decorating because it exudes a sense of calm simplicity. Our love of all things Scandi actually began in the 1940s, despite what would appear to be a recent trend. In the middle of the 20th century, Scandinavian design swept across Europe and America, travelling hand in hand with the surge in popularity of modernism. The fact that it continues to be popular shows how timeless this style is.

Unquestionably one of our favourite kitchen trends for this year, the Scandinavian style may be challenging to achieve. The function of the space defines its form and look, and practicality is given first priority in the design. Tough, but worth the time, effort and cost if done well.


Double-Stacked Cabinet Units

Kitchen cabinets that are double-stacked are more than just a visual trend for 2023. They can expand your storage capacity, make way for eye-catching exhibits, or give your room a polished appearance. They won’t work in every kitchen, but the ones that they do, have an almost divine period feel.

Double-stacked cabinets are unique. The distance between the uppers and the ceiling may range from a few inches to several feet depending on the kitchen space. Double-stacked cabinets might satisfy your need for extra storage if you have at least one foot of extra room. They make convenient places to keep out-of-season kitchenware or appliances. Double-stacked cabinets would surely come in handy for anyone who has a sizable assortment of kitchenware.

Thinking of making those glass-fronted upper units? Interior cabinet illumination is possible with cabinets that have glass door fronts. This gives whatever decor or dishware you keep in them a spotlight feel, and it can go well with other kitchen light options like a pendant and recessed lights. The outcome is a well-lit kitchen area.

Larder & Pantry Units

Fewer kitchens now have walk-in pantries due to modern home design and a trend towards open-plan living. Families still require a convenient location to keep food and other kitchen necessities though. This is where the fantastic larder pantry units come in.

More and more are being integrated into kitchens this January. Larder cabinets are the ideal middle ground for contemporary living. They can still offer enough storage for even the largest household without taking up the area of a second room.

A larder cupboard not only serves a utilitarian purpose but also enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. From the outside, they may look like your other cabinets, but when you open them, a plethora of exquisite storage options are revealed.