Rustic Kitchen Ideas Made Simple

Rustic Kitchen Ideas Made Simple

Rustic kitchens are characterised by their ruggedness and ability to let their natural architectural elements shine. In its most simple definition, rustic describes an interior style which uses these natural architectural elements to provide an aesthetic that is is rough, aged and relaxed.

Spaces that adopt this style exude character and are most commonly designed in rural, country or period dwellings - this doesn't have to be the case though. With these warm rustic kitchen ideas, you can transform your kitchen into a rustic dream, no matter your style of home. 


rustic furniture

For Rustic Cabinetry, Re-Use Old Furniture 

Old furniture looks great in rustic kitchens , so why not take furniture from the past and give it a new purpose and lease of life? Whether you have old furniture stored away never to be seen again or you would like to show off your  up-cycling skills on an old piece from an antique dealer- there are many options! Not only are you making use of old furniture, you are also choosing a sustainable option by choosing not to throw old furniture away to landfill. 

In addition, an old side table or butchers block could serve as your new kitchen island. Old dressers could serve as a place to show off your glassware and old shelving unites could grant you extra open storage space. There are no limits!

Country Rustics: Add A Touch Of The Countryside 

Whilst you are on your morning walk through the countryside, keep an eye out for all of the natural elements you could incorporate into your kitchen. If you are lucky enough to find them, pick some flourishing wildflowers or luscious greenery to bring back indoors to showcase in your favourite vase. A little touch of nature goes a long way. 


brick wall kitchen

Embrace Natural Elements 

The rustic ethos revolves around natural materials and making them core to your kitchen design, so our next rustic kitchen idea is to embrace natural elements. To do this, we suggest utilising your homes' exposed brick walls and wooden beams to create this aesthetic (if you have them).

In addition, when it comes to flooring you can do the same. Take advantage of your home's wooden floorboards or incorporate stone flooring for a timeless look which is sure to enhance the rustic nature of your kitchen and will even look better with age.

Sink Skirt

There is nothing more rustic than a sink skirt. Historically they were used to cover up unsightly plumbing work under the kitchen sink. Now they are used to add creative flair to a kitchen thanks to the array of colours, patterns and textures that you can inject into your space. Not only that, but they are simple and affordable!


rustic kitchen

Choose Warm Colours 

Finally, if you are utilising all of your kitchens natural features like mentioned above, you should consider pairing these elements with warm, autumnal colours. The warm shades of wooden beams or brick sitting alongside deep reds or greens, for example, complement each other beautifully to create a warm, cosy kitchen

Alternatively, if you do not feel daring enough for these colours, try warm neutral shades instead- these will look equally as stunning in your warm rustic kitchen, but give a brighter feeling to the space instead.

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