Going Green? Here's 5 Features of Sustainable Kitchens

Going Green? Here's 5 Features of Sustainable Kitchens

It is everywhere you turn: it dominates the news, social media chatter and occupies newspaper headlines. We are all being urged to make lifestyle changes to help the environment. So, if you are looking to make some changes in your life to help the planet, then look no further than your very own kitchen. It is one of the main rooms in your home which offers you a myriad of great opportunities to make some eco changes, so with the help of this blog, a sustainable kitchen could be all yours. These are our best sustainability at home ideas! 

Grow Your Own

Creating a sustainable kitchen doesn't have to break the bank, it can be as simple as growing your own food items! Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Or, even better, grow these in your kitchen to add some beautiful greenery and bring the outdoors inside. Food always taste better when you have grown it yourself!

quooker tap

Sustainable Kitchens Staple: A Quooker Tap

If you are willing to spend a bit of money on your green kitchen ideas, we recommend a Quooker tap! It's believed that as much as £68 million a year is wasted in electricity with excess kettle boiling, and a recent study declared that 47% of people boil a full kettle for a single cup of tea. Therefore, if you were to invest in a Quooker tap, you will only ever dispense the exact amount that you need, leading to a more energy efficient use of hot water.

In addition, with their tap which also dispenses filtered and sparkling water, they help you cut down on your plastic water bottle usage too.... Can you see why we recommend Quooker taps to all of our customers?

Liebherr fridge

Eco Friendly Products and Appliances

In terms of cooking appliances, using an induction hob or stove is more energy-efficient than gas and electric hobs. An induction hob heats water at a much faster rate than traditional gas or electric alternatives therefore saving you time, energy and money. We supply a range of appliance brands such as Fisher and Paykell who offer these hobs, so feel free to give us call on 01604 435835 for more information regarding the appliances we offer and our prices.

We also stock Liebherr fridges which use very little electricity and are within the most economical energy efficiency classes. This efficiency has two main advantages: it helps you towards your goal of being kinder to the planet and reduces your electricity bills too. It's a win win!

wooden worktop

Sustainable Surfaces: Brilliant Green Kitchen Ideas

When designing your eco-friendly kitchen, a simple place to make sustainable choices is your surfaces such as flooring and work tops. If you pick durable materials for these, they won't need to be changed for a long while thus making them a great option. 

Why not start by browsing worktop and flooring materials which are  made by local suppliers or are made from recycled materials? Alternatively, consider naturally occurring materials. We offer a wide range of beautiful, high quality flooring options which are all natural and perfect for all your needs. 

freestanding island

Upcycle Your Kitchen With Freestanding Cabinets 

Finally, if you want a kitchen that will last you a lifetime but always find that you get the urge to re-design your kitchen every few years, there is an option for you: freestanding cabinets!

Our freestanding cabinets make the perfect addition to a green kitchen because they can be moved to change the look and layout of your kitchen whenever you like. This means you do not have to buy new cabinetry every time you are itching for a change! In addition, they can also be repainted and have their handles changed which adds to the list of new looks you can achieve years down the line. 


There are many ways in which you can design and create an eco friendly kitchen, but these are some of the main ways we recommend. So whether you opt for a small change such as growing your own vegetables or investing in freestanding cabinets, every choice you make is in the right direction!

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