Painted Kitchen Colours 2019

What’s hot in the world of kitchen paint colours for 2019? Whether you're choosing a paint colour for your new kitchen or simply want to refresh a tired scheme. Take inspiration from these latest kitchen trends for 2019. View full article →

Only 25% of people in the UK have their dream kitchen

In a new survey, three-quarters of homeowners admit they do not have their ‘dream kitchen', reported the independent. The kitchen is the heart of the home for many people and it makes sense that there is a strong desire to make it into a dream space. View full article →

Choosing A Kitchen Work Surface

The workhorse of any kitchen, worktops need to be tough and practical to use, as well as stylish. Marble, granite, ceramic, timber... Choosing a kitchen work surface can be tricky. While cabinetry will be the main style decision you make, never underestimate the impact your worktop choice. View full article →

Kitchen - Brass Handle Trend 2018/2019

How you finish off your designer kitchen is just as important as choosing the overall colour or material. Kitchen stools, kitchen door handles and knobs, taps, interior fittings – all are important to get the finished look just right. View full article →

Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas

I never knew there could be so much thought put into a sink! But if you are updating or redesigning your kitchen, the sink is a focal point. Here are some fun and amazing inspirational ideas for your new kitchen sink. View full article →

Hygge Kitchens

Bringing Hygge into your kitchen can create a soft friendly atmosphere where you, your family and your friends will be able to cook, laugh and relax, the Scandinavian way. Follow some of our tips to create the look. View full article →

White Kitchens

If there’s one colour that works beautifully in any kitchen, no matter how large or small, is the colour white. White kitchens are a classic design statement: clean, crisp, refined and bring a special touch of purity and freshness.

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Get a quality kitchen for under 10k

You may be surprised at the quality of kitchen cabinets you can afford if you have a budget of between £5,000-10,000. Most kitchens within this price bracket consist of flat-pack carcasses with doors mounted on to the front using hinges screwed onto chipboard.

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Vintage & Retro Kitchens

At the White Kitchen Company, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our kitchen units. This week I've decided to write an article on creating a vintage / retro kitchen. Along with a few tips, I have compiled a small scrapbook of kitchen pictures that ooze vintage style.

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#13 Tips for Designing a Small Kitchen

What small kitchens lack in space, can be made up in style. The secret? Good storage is the ultimate small kitchen commandment. Tiny kitchens can be decorated to suit every taste and still give an illusion of space. View full article →