Christmas Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Christmas Kitchen Decoration Ideas

The kitchen is where we gather for the all important Christmas lunch that we find ourselves pining over throughout the entire year. If you are the one who is entertaining your family and friends this year, it is only right that you impress the them with your array of decorations. To give you a helping hand, here are some of our favourite Christmas kitchen decoration ideas that will leave your guests envious of your Christmas creations. 


Lighting is a staple Christmas kitchen decoration idea for all homes both inside and out. There is nothing that creates a better ambiance than a scattering of fairy lights even when its not Christmas time. Simply wrap some around your wall cabinets or around your window frames to add a simple, yet effective Christmas kitchen decoration idea. It will leave your kitchen twinkling into the night and create the cosiest atmosphere when mixed with the aromas of your home cooking and mulled wine.

Candles make brilliant lights all year round too- especially Christmas. Scented candles are even better; they provide dazzling warm light, as well as a tasty smell to fill the kitchen air. There are many brands, big and small, to try out which not only smell beautiful, but can look beautiful too. Their scents range from the likes of mulled wine, orange spice, Christmas pudding... you name it, there is a candle that smells like it. 

Christmas Wreath


Wreaths are one of the most popular Christmas decorations and their versatility means that they work stunningly in a variety of settings in your home, not just the kitchen.This year, why not wow your guests with your crafting abilities and make your own? It’s simple! All you will need is the following: gloves; ribbon; thin wire; thin twine or gardening wire; foliage such as conifers and spruce work well; and decorative flowers or berries for the finishing touches.

First make your thin wire into a circle, twist your foliage around it and wrap the garden wire around these so that they can stay in place. Continue this process around the circle wire until it is all covered; depending on how thick you would like your wreath, you may need to repeat this step until you get your desired look.

Once you have achieved your desired thickness, use your decorative flowers, berries and other delights to inject colour into the wreath- keep securing these pieces with wire until you are again satisfied with its look. Finally, attach a ribbon by doubling it around your wreath (underneath the foliage) so that it is a good length and all ready to hang!

Christmas Decorations


A centrepiece for your table is a paramount Christmas kitchen decoration idea. But, just because it is Christmas, it doesn't mean your centrepiece has to utilise all of the Christmas colours of the rainbow. Instead, we recommend to take care to pick a centre piece that will compliment the style of your existing home decor. So, if you have a vintage home, why not dig out your favourite glassware and candelabras to compliment this style? Or if your home adorns simplistic neutrals, why not add pops of colour and nature to your table with bouquets of wildflowers in exquisite vases or drape ivy across the table's runner to add points of interest to your home.

Another great option is to match the style of your table to your Christmas tree! If you're tree is filled with glittering silver baubles, opt for silver table decorations. If your tree is frosted with fake snow, add a 'snowy' wreath to your table with pinecones and other foliage. This creates cohesion and flow to your decorations which is great for those who like this style.

These are our top three favourite decoration ideas for the festive season that can be used year after year and can be adapted to be used all throughout the home too.


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