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Designing a Barn Kitchen

barn shaker kitchen

A barn kitchen is an absolute dream to design thanks to their wonderful space and gorgeous rustic beams! The mix of original features, vaulted ceilings and modern finishes completed in the renovation gives you an almost perfect blank canvas to work with, and for many people who take on this project, the barn is the ideal spot for their kitchen.

Kitchens in Barn Conversions 

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So, what sort of barn kitchen style should you choose? Modern or traditional, or a blend of both? The clean lines of a Shaker Kitchen are always a good option to blend the modern with the traditional. Our Period English furniture would complement the traditional nature of a barn kitchen. Or alternatively, if you want a complete contrast, flat modern units can also look great with old-barn features too.

First things first – the ceiling. The room needs to be as high as possible. This is non-negotiable and will form the main WOW of your new barn kitchen.

The second feature to consider is the beams: are you going to leave them in a raw state? Will you paint them or apply a soft limewash? Each of these finishes can give a completely different ‘feel’ to the room. While these can and will look different in each property, they will be the bedrock of your design, a starting point to either play with or create a contrast. No matter what you decide to do with the beams, you should embrace them. They are stunning features which will add heaps of character to your kitchen and allow you to embrace your home’s character.

More Barn Kitchen Ideas …

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If you want to go contemporary but feel ultra-modern and shiny would date quickly, why not choose a simple design with industrial elements? That’s the beauty of a barn kitchen, it’s so versatile. Just because you have a traditional property, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to its vintage-looking style. So, experiment with adding contemporary features whilst keeping the barn scheme throughout to create cohesion.  

Furthermore, to embrace the natural style of the space, opt for a rustic look. Open shelving is a great feature which embodies this style and grants you the opportunity to add even more personality and character to the kitchen. Also, grow your own herbs in your kitchen or place beautiful house plants in empty corners for a touch of colour and nature. Just when you thought your barn kitchen couldn’t get any more beautiful, these small features breathe new life into your space. 

Personally, my dream home is a Georgian cottage, with a barn attached to it. I like the idea of a cosy home and then stepping into a large barn kitchen. For me, the extremes create a real WOW and prompt a sharp intake of breath. If I was designing this style of kitchen, I would add large bi-folding doors to add a cloak of natural light and bring the outside in. This would really create a perfect space for those hot summer evenings all whilst making the barn kitchen seem larger still.

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