Inframe Kitchens

Inframe Kitchens

So what is an In-frame Kitchen and do I need one?

Well, it all depends on your budget, styling and how long you would like your kitchen to last. No doubt, when you’ve been looking for kitchen ideas, you will have come across the term ‘In-frame kitchens’.  Inframe kitchens are when the door sits inside a visible frame within a cabinet, like a traditional piece of furniture.

In the 1920’s we started to mass-produce kitchen units due to advances in high-pressure laminate technology. Manufacturers were able to cut costs greatly by omitting the frame and fixing the door directly to the carcuss. This created a more modern looking unit and led to designs like the sleek slab-front units we have in our modern kitchens today.


an inframe kitchen 

The pro’s and con’s of an Inframe kitchen


Pro’s of inframe

  1. Doors do not drop - The problem with fixing doors on top of the cabinet front is the doors can drop over time. This leads to doors not sitting inline with each other and looking a mess.
  2. Long-term durability - After the doors drop overtime they become unusable and the doors eventually fall off. This often leads to expensive repairs or a new kitchen.
  3. Traditional - If you choose a traditional shaker style or a period kitchen look, then there is only one way to go, In frame. Which is a traditional cabinet furniture construction.
  4. Strong - The frame provides strength to the front of a cabinet and is also a beautiful visual feature.


Con’s of inframe
  1. Not seamless -  If you would like a modern seamless kitchen, frameless kitchens are the best way to go. To get the sleek, seamless look this type of fixing works well.
  2. Cost - An in-frame kitchen can be more expensive than an off-the-shelf frameless kitchen.


In-frame kitchen cabinets are beautiful, durable and made using quality craftsmanship. Whatever the style of your home an in-frame kitchen will be a great choice. For more information how inframe kitchen units are made, take a look at how our kitchen cabinets are made page.

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