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Install Crittall Glass Partition Walls For Impact


Crittall has made a major comeback and has been dominating many of our Pinterest boards recently! It has become very popular with interior designers and modern architects. The Crittall steel screen takes open-plan living to a whole new dimension.

First developed back in the mid-1800s, Crittall glass frames were closely associated with the Art-Deco and modernist architecture movements. They also appear in more historic and significant buildings. You’ll find beautifully restored original examples in warehouse conversions, but they are no longer confined to an area or building with an industrial past.

Now, we can see that they can create a seamless transition between inside and out, by opening up living space thanks to the natural light that can flow through them. They are both edgy and versatile; their bright, beautiful walls of glazing will reflect the timeless style of a period house and define spaces in a townhouse, minimalist urban loft or warehouse apartment.

Innovative developers, architects and homeowners are increasingly installing these steel-framed glass internal walls into both contemporary and period homes. They enable practical physical separations without making a space feel too small and enclosed.

Crittall Glass Partition Walls for Kitchens

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The kitchen is the home’s focal point. So along with choosing the styling of cupboards, worktops and appliances and where you put the coffee station, getting the feeling of a room just right will make all the difference too.

The design trend is unlikely to fall out of favour anytime soon. Striking but minimalist, the look complements other trends, from mid-century modern to Scandi-style, both of which show no sign of abating. 

Here are some simple ideas for you to use in your kitchen:

  • Use them to separate the space between your kitchen and dining room
  • Floor-to-ceiling Crittall Windows open up your kitchen to give you a stunning view of your garden
  • Separate different zones of your kitchen with half-partitions
  • Full-height glass partition walls make great dividers between your kitchen and utility rooms.

So, if you’re revamping your kitchen, for glamour and elegance, you can’t go wrong with ‘on-trend’ Crittall-style glass partitioning screens and doors. Want to see more inspiration? Take a look at our Gallery