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Picking Your Perfect Pantry! – A Complete Guide


Now one of the most popular features to have within a new kitchen design is the pantry. Both beautiful and practical there are many uses for this timeless kitchen feature.

The humble pantry cupboard has been around for centuries. The word Pantry is believed to come from the French word ‘pain’ meaning bread. The pantry was a cool and dark place to store perishable foods to make them last longer. Historically wood doors had decorative air holes or metal-mesh areas to help circulate air, keeping the food fresh and safe from animals. Nowadays, we no longer need these features, but storing your goods in an easily accessible fashion is a great idea.

Our Pantry Cupboards

Single Pantry Cupboard – Great for creating an enclosed baking area even in smaller kitchens, with bifold doors that fold back when in use, then close and shut the area away. Standard available from 600mm-900mm.

Double Pantry Cupboard – Similar to the single pantry but with a larger space, great to make into a hidden bar for cocktail making and to display your best glassware. Our standard ranges from 950-1600mm.

Pull Out Larder – This can be paired with any of our units for a secret, slim, but just as useful storage space. With six shelves and the option to have the baskets with oak, glass or walnut inserts, measurements available from 170mm-620mm.

Fitted Larder Cupboard – Is available with single or double doors – This is a fitted larder, similar to the pantry cupboard but designed to be part of your fitted kitchen rather than free-standing. With the option to include integrated shelving and pull-out drawers, this is available from 900mm – 1000mm.

Walk-In Corner Larder – Perfect for an exclusive area in your kitchen to store dry foods and other kitchen essentials. One size only: 1100 x 1100 x 620.

Housekeepers’ Cupboard – The largest design of our bi-fold units with bi-folding doors and one fixed panel on either side. It’s truly magnificent. It is mid-height (sits on top of a worktop) so works best when designed with a drawers unit with matching measurements from 1400mm-2000mm.

Larder Room – This is a room dedicated purely to a larder. Most commonly designed with a combination of units. The countertop units are made without doors.

Practical Ways to Use Your Pantry

As always, all our cabinetry is available in standard units but can be made bespoke to fit any space in your home! Take a look at how our clients have creatively used our Pantry and Larder cabinets below.

Tea & Coffee Station


A Baking Station

image 1

Kitchen Bar

image 2

A Place To Hide Appliances

image 3

A Dedicated Pantry Room

image 4

If you’re thinking of designing a new kitchen – don’t hesitate, to get in touch with the team here at The White Kitchen Company. We would be happy to talk through our range of kitchen cabinets and other furniture – all of which are designed and manufactured by knowledgeable experts. Call us on 01604 435835 or email us via info@thewhitekitchencompany.com