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Kitchen Remodelling: 4 Myths Explained


If you’re considering buying a new kitchen, you’ve probably shared your exciting kitchen remodelling ideas with friends and family. They’ve likely offered their DIY kitchen advice on how they think you should approach the project. However, these could be kitchen remodelling myths.

It is important to approach your kitchen remodelling project with the right expectations and attitude as this will be extremely helpful in contributing to the projects’ success. We have put together a list of all of the kitchen remodelling myths we hear most often from our customers, so you don’t fall into their trap.

1. Paint Colours Look The Same In Every Home

Many people believe that paint colours look the same in every home and it is important to know that this isn’t the case. How a colour presents is dependent on many things in a room such as the lighting and shadows. They can look very different in an edited photograph too.

To ensure you have no surprises with your colours, we suggest buying small testers during your kitchen refurb. You will then be able to see for yourself how the colour will look in your chosen space.

2. You Can Choose Your Appliances At Any Time

When our designers are creating kitchen remodels for our customers, they always advise that you should choose your appliances first. This is because they will affect the design the most because of their size. It is also important to be open-minded when choosing them because some appliances suit some spaces better than they do others! 

3. Bigger Is Better When Renovating A Kitchen

Having a large space when designing a new kitchen is a great advantage. It means you can add in all the features you have ever dreamed of like a double kitchen island, a larder cupboard- the list could go on.

However, the size of your space is not everything- you do not need excessive amounts of space for your kitchen to turn heads! We believe that what matters the most is how you utilise the space you have, so do not let that put you off-treating yourself to a new kitchen. 

4. Looks Are Everything


We are all guilty of it- we scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest looking at our dream homes. We lose ourselves in social media wishing that our space looked as extravagant as the pictures we see on our screen. But what we must not forget is that looks are not everything when it comes to kitchen remodelling.

Instead, you need to find the right balance between functionality and style. The kitchen is the room that gets the most use therefore it needs to be functional and durable- not just beautiful.

So now you are aware of these common kitchen remodelling myths, you are ready to begin the design process! Simply send us your detailed floor plans with a list of everything you would like and we can begin designing your dream kitchen.


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