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Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed

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When it comes to choosing appliances, it’s usually one of the last steps in the design process, so it can feel a little daunting! Not to worry, here at The White Kitchen Company, we supply a range of useful and essential appliances you just couldn’t live without. Exploring practicality whilst thinking about what would work best in your home, this list of appliances should make your decision a little easier.

Quooker Tap


Described as ‘the tap that does it all’ we feel as though any home can accommodate a Quooker tap. With a good range of styles and finishes to choose from, you are more than likely to find a tap to fit your kitchen style.

The Quooker tap can provide hot, cold, boiling, and with the ‘CUBE’ add-on, even filtered and sparkling water! A very ‘extra’ feature to have in your home, but one which can be very beneficial to a lot of families. A conscious choice too, as the sustainable benefits of having one of these installed in your kitchen is something that in the current climate, should be considered.

By having a tap providing filtered and sparkling water instantly, there is no need to buy bottled water, and you won’t have to throw away used bottles because they’ve been open for too long and may have gone flat. With the CUBE add-on feature, you dispense precisely the amount that you need at a given moment. 

Cool Drawer

Sometimes I find that after a big shop, or preparing to host guests, I can never fit everything I’ve bought in my fridge freezer! I wish I knew something like the Cool Drawer from Fisher & Paykel actually existed. It would be the ultimate solution whenever you find yourself in these types of situations with nowhere to store your items. With five different food modes, the benefits of having one of these in your kitchen are endless! Fridge, freezer, pantry, chill and wine are the settings options, and with three compartments within the drawer, there is plenty of room.

The general Fridge setting is ideal storage for of most foods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and drinks. The compact upper storage tray is a perfect place for sensitive foods while the taller drawer is ideal for large bottles and containers.

Designed for foods that require a cool, dark place for storage such as tropical fruits, tomatoes and cereals; the pantry setting gives perfect results to keep things fresh.

Ideal for general frozen food storage with the added flexibility of three functions, the freezer setting allows for bottle chill, fast freeze and deep freeze.

Wine Mode is ideal for long-term storage of all wine at 12°C. It also offers short-term storage at 7°C for white wine and 15°C for red wine.

Chill Mode sets the drawer to a temperature ideal for highly perishable meats, poultry and seafood. It can also set the compartment just above the freezing temperature for meat. 

Built-in Coffee Maker

coffee machine

For the coffee lovers, this one’s for you!

With a sleek design and thirteen barista-standard options available to choose from, a built-in coffee maker is something well worth investing in. There’s also the option to have your favourite coffee memorised to be made at the same time each day, so it’s ready for whenever you desire. (Sounds like the dream to me!)

The coffee maker has a self-cleaning function with a removable drip tray and a waste container for all your used coffee grounds.

Integrated Wine Cabinet

wine cooler

At The White Kitchen Company, we sell a range of integrated wine cabinets. Whether you want to store a few bottles or keep a larger collection to hand, these can easily be installed into any kitchen design. Some options we stock even have dual temperature zones which can be customised to suit various wines!

Warming Drawer

mug warmer

Adding a warming drawer to your kitchen can be useful in various ways and another amazing feature to add to your kitchen if you love hosting guests! It can be used to warm plates or coffee mugs in preparation for serving, to prove the perfect dough, to dehydrate foods and it can also keep meals warm when preparing multiple courses.

The warming drawer allows for multiple temperatures and has a slow cooking feature with a shut-off timer, so food will always be perfectly prepped. A fitted appliance that is sleek and leaves your work surface clutter-free.

Vacuum Seal Drawer


Having a vacuum seal readily available to use in your kitchen is a specific appliance to own but one that is perfect to use if you bulk buy food or like sous vide cooking. Vacuum-sealing food can intensify flavours, infuse marinades and retain freshness. With this appliance, you can effortlessly prepare food for long-lasting shelf life. Fisher and Paykel, their vacuum seal drawer offers three levels of vacuum and heat sealing for food storage, marinating or portioning. The brand also offers its own reusable BPA-free bags which if cut and sealed properly, prevent the single use of plastic!

All these appliances and more are available to be ordered and fitted through us, matching perfectly with our bespoke cabinets. Come and visit our showroom, our in-house team would be delighted to show you around and discuss your project. Book an appointment by calling 01604 435835 or send an email to To begin your journey, visit our online shop