Tips and Inspiration For Your Kitchen Lighting Design

Tips and Inspiration For Your Kitchen Lighting Design

Kitchen lighting is the key to creating a beautiful kitchen that is both stylish and functional. When designing, it is simply a matter of layering a variety of the lighting types to get the best look. Therefore, to help you with planning your kitchen lighting, this blog outlines all of the types of lighting and provides you with a number of styling ideas. By the time you are finished reading, you have a plethora of lighting ideas and inspiration to take back to your own kitchen design.

Main Kitchen Lighting

kitchen spotlights

The main lighting in your kitchen works to bathe your entire space in light. Every kitchen needs this type of lighting, so take care to place this style at the centre of your space for the best outcome. For ultimate flexibility, install a dimmer switch to enable you to choose the level the occasion requires, such as full brightness for cooking, and low-level when you're entertaining with wine and friends.

Here are some ideas for main lighting in your kitchen: 

  • Unite the scheme of your kitchen by using one large light. Allow it to serve as an illumination, but also as an artistic centrepiece of the room.
  • For a grand aesthetic, choose a chandelier. Its cascading droplets add a touch of elegance and shall reflect sunlight around the room creating beautiful patterns.
  • Alternatively, for a contemporary design, downlights are helpful with creating an even cloak of light. They are simple but effective. 
  • Natural light could be considered as the main lighting of your kitchen too. If this is your preferred style, large windows could be your best option. For an industrial look, Crittall style doors should be your go-to! 
  • Set the Mood with Ambient Lighting 

    mood lightingSometimes referred to as 'mood lighting', ambient lighting is the lighting you use when entertaining guests or late in the day when you begin settling down for the evening. 

     Here are some ideas for ambient lighting in your kitchen:

    • Opt for a table lamp which can not only serve to bring low light to your space but, when chosen carefully, can look like a beautiful sculpture too. 
    • Like we mentioned above, install a dimmer switch on your main lighting. With this simple addition you are granted a set of ambient lights too. Simply dim the lights and you can create a warm glow across your space or a bright illumination depending on what you require.
    • For an ultra-modern aesthetic, neon strip lights offer a striking look and are available in a variety of colours; each different hue can offer you a different mood. 
    • If you would prefer a simple alternative to these mood lighting ideas, fairy lights could offer you a solution. Sprinkle them throughout your space for a simple but cosy feel.

    Task Lighting

    task lightingSo if ambient lighting is primarily used as 'mood lighting', you can imagine how it can often leave shadows in areas that we need the most light. With the help of task lighting you can specifically light these areas where you cook and prepare your food.

    Here are some ideas for task lighting in your kitchen: 

  • If you have wall cabinets, try adding under cabinet lighting to illuminate the worktop space underneath.
  • Similarly, add strip lighting to cupboards such as your pantry and larder to ensure you can see in even the darkest corners. 
  • For lighting above your hob, browse cooker hoods which have a built in lighting system. This option gives you two uses for the price of one! 
  • Accent Lighting - Make a Statement with your Kitchen Ceiling Lights

    accent lightingThe final style is accent lighting; this is arguably where you can have the most fun designing the lighting for your kitchen! Accent lighting is considered the statement lighting of your kitchen. It is the lighting which is decorative and highlights the most beautiful features of your kitchen such as your stunning range cooker, your island or any other elements you would like to show off with extra brightness.

    Here are some ideas for accent lighting in your kitchen:

  • Low hanging pendant lights are very popular at the moment. Many people opt for this style to create a beautiful centrepiece in their kitchen. With their low hanging nature, many put them over their kitchen islands or dining tables. They come in a variety of styles making them a versatile option for a variety of kitchens.
  • For a cohesive look, match your accent lighting with your handles' finish. 
  • Accent lighting doesn't have to be a big display. For a more subtle look, install a variety of small statement pieces throughout the room.
  • For more inspiration, visit our kitchen gallery where you will be able to see what lighting designs our customers used in their projects! 
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