Kitchen Mood & Theme Boards

Kitchen Mood & Theme Boards

What’s hot in the world of kitchen themes? Whether you're choosing a paint colour for your painted kitchen or simply want to refresh a tired scheme. Take inspiration from some of these kitchen themes.


Some award-winning kitchen designs include at least one dark colour as a strong accent for the colour palette. What’s new is the search of contrast and proximity - darker colours are offset with lighter or brighter colours for kitchen designs and offer visually appealing levels of colour contrast.

Ink black Crittall-style glass walls make a huge impact and the combination of robust dark materials and warm wooden structures with a vintage flavour is a winning combination.

In short: Crittall glass wall, dark units, contrasting crisp white worktops and splashbacks - Finished off with brass


This new and exciting trend is all about mixing it up – different textures sat next to each other, contrasting in both colour and touch. Sleek quartz work surface with an integrated solid wood chopping board, or dark cabinetry against a clean marbled splash-back. Creating a kitchen that is warm and full of character. 

Farrow and balls new 2019 shade of ’Old School White’ is reminiscent of the colour used in old school houses. Its cool undertones give it a modern feel that is pared back and timeless.

From our research, it's clear there will be an emphasis on wellness and mindfulness in 2019.  The ‘Scandi Goes Vintage’ soft, light tones and subtle layerings of texture, it's a palette to ignite the senses and revive a tired spirit. It's also easy to decorate with existing whites and cool neutrals, which we believe will make it a popular choice.

Mix up those metals too with key vintage pieces paired with lots of glass.

In short: All shades of whites, old metals, lime washed or bleached woods and remember its all about texture!


A quietly elegant colour which is a down to earth and grounding colour perfect for Shaker cabinets or kitchen islands, it sits between the blue, grey and green hues.

Farrow and Ball have introduced this new colour called De Nimes. The exact shade comes from a regency palette but is inspired by everyday workwear made in the French city of Nîmes.

In short - The new colour sits well with brass, natural wood and lime washed whites, a great paint colour for 2019!


Navy is the BIG colour for the coming seasons, classic, classy and moody enough to be perfect for the winter months. Here, it’s been teamed with gold and this wallpaper is inspired by sashiko, a form of functional embroidery from Japan that uses geometric stitching to mend areas of worn clothes.

Navy works well in a New England style home mixed with brilliant white, or in a city apartment mixed with metallics and bare brick walls. The depth of colour plays off beautifully against white worktops and navy cabinets add interest to a kitchen. For those not keen on bold colours, go for deeper tones of your wall colour. Pale grey kitchen walls and a deeper grey in the cabinetry work beautifully together.

In short - Navy cabinetry with geometric wallpaper or floor tiles and team it with gorgeous metallic accessories.


Although we had gold as a trend back in spring/summer, it’s still very much here and you’re going to see even more of it this season! So how about using it in a different form instead of as an accessory?

Top appliance manufacturers are moving away from stainless steel (its officially dated) and creating imaginative alternatives. Gone are the days of matching appliances in one boring colour. It’s all about style, in rich hues, and everything fancy. These finishes instantly take your kitchen up a notch!

In short - Dark paint and wood finishes create a great base for gold colours to 'pop'. Glass units add a touch of glamour, especially when lined with gold and backlit. Be creative and bold with appliances and lighting!


Promotes a strong connection to nature, showcasing a collection of earthy neutrals, rich greens and spicy notes of cinnamon and sienna. As well as reflecting an elevated environmental consciousness, the palette also aims to inspire personal growth and fresh beginnings.

This is a combination of different elements that create a beautiful and simple look with the emphasis on natural-looking furniture; stripped timbers, wood grain and a return to natural patinas and materials within furniture.

In short - nurturing a warm mood creating the perfect backdrop for timber, copper, leather and unusual collectables and plants.

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