Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas

Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas

Kitchen sinks are the focal point of great kitchen design. They see their fair share of use in a busy family kitchen, so it's worth doing some research to make sure you get it right. When choosing your sink, ask yourself a few questions.

Will I be washing up large pans and trays? If so, then make sure the sink is large enough and you allow for a drainer. Or if you don't want to take up too much space, try to go deeper with the sink. Many companies manufacture sinks with a 50% deeper bowl, or even double depth.

Is the sink the main focal point in the kitchen, If it is then you will need to spend some time to get the design right. This isn’t the time to go bog-standard with the sink or the taps.

What type of mount would look good with my work surface? It's amazing how much of a difference this can make. If you want your kitchen to look sleek, try an under-mounted sink. For a traditional look i.e. Period English or Shaker, you can opt for a butler style sink, which is half in and half out. For an industrial style sink an inset stainless steel unit would look right.

I never knew there could be so much thought put into a sink! Here are some fun and amazing inspirational ideas for your new kitchen sink.



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