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 When every kitchen company claims to be the best provider of 'handmade', 'bespoke' kitchens, which do you choose and which one is best for you? At The White Kitchen Company we pride ourselves on the quality of our furniture and the individual service we offer, wherever you're local or overseas.

Are we the perfect company for you? Well if you are looking for a high quality product that's going to last for years, yes. We've been designing and making bespoke cabinets for more than 30 years and we believe the way we do things gives our customers the most practical, beautiful and hardwearing kitchen cabinets possible. Take a look at our customers kitchens here. Thats real and genuine kitchens not showrooms.

The next stage of our process is 'kitchen design'. This is where we differ from most manufacturers. You can choose to design your kitchen yourself and shop online. All our unit prices are listed including delivery and VAT, so no hidden extras or secret pricing. You only get charged for what you have. Don't worry, we always check you have everything you need.

Alternatively, you can submit a plan of your kitchen to our design department. See our plan guidelines here. One of our designers will contact you, discuss your requirements and send a design with prices to you. Or last but not least, the easiest and hassle-free option. We can visit you, take a look at your building and the best way to use your area, measure-up and design your dream kitchen for you. 




Showrooms - We have a showroom in Northamptonshire if you would like to view the quality of our units. 80% of our kitchens are purchased without a visit. saying that, we love to meet our clients.

Reviews - Take a look at our reviews on Houzz (an independent review site). Our quality and reputation is paramount. 

Guarantee - Our kitchens have a Lifetime Guarantee. If it's not right we'll fix it no questions!

Transparent - We are transparent and publish our prices on our website. Nothing is hidden. Our prices are exceptional for the quality of our units.

Precise Quote - We give you an itemised quote, you only pay for what you have.

FittingWe give you a separate quote for fitting, this gives you the option to sort out your own fitting if required.

Sales - We don’t do sales or discounts, our prices are always fair and competitive and everybody pays the same price.

Finish - We give you a choice of primed and undercoated ready for a painter or a hand-painted finish applied in the factory in any colour.

Appliances - We can supply appliances or we can install your own.

Design - We only charge a design fee if we visit your home. We design from our office at no charge.

Delivery - Delivery is included in the price for the UK, but if you require worldwide delivery please contact us for a quote.