How to: Edwardian Inspired Kitchen

How to: Edwardian Inspired Kitchen

Colours and Prints

Within quite a short period of time, Edwardian homes transcended dramatically from the grim and dark-looking Victorian kitchen and turned into an airy and roomy space. Pastel and light colour schemes defined what Edwardian kitchen style represented. There was a preference for flowery and delicate wallpapers also, but these were more likely to be seen within the living areas or bedroom.

Kitchens moved on from wooden surfaces and red clay quarry tiles and were switched out for surgical, white glazed tiles as sanitation was becoming significantly important. Having white tiles meant that lighting would expose any dirt or grime, so it was easy to spot when a home was clean or not. Having said that, bolder colours or pattern were still often used for floors and furniture.

For reference, the farmhouse kitchen we designed features the modern style of a white kitchen, but with a rustic, barn style incorporated from surfaces, to tiles, to our Shaker cabinets. It is the most common style of kitchen we see currently, but when completed to a high standard, looks effortlessly crisp and fresh.

Colours you should consider:  Skylight and Pale Powder, Green Ground, Calamine and creams such as Tallow or Ringwold Ground and All White.

(All from Farrow & Balls range)

Which of our Cabinets would work Best?

The need for a space to store all pre-packaged foods was the main reason why cabinets were introduced during the Edwardian period. From old open-shelving to cupboards with glass-fronted doors, the Edwardian kitchen became not only much more accessible and stylish but also cleaner and safer.

Our cabinets can be mixed from units with full fronted cabinets to glass, in any style we offer. Whatever suits your needs we will do our best to accommodate to achieve the perfect look!  Our Period English cabinets look great mixed with flat fronted drawers from our Fusion Range providing a traditional but modern touch to your kitchen. Reeded glass fronts also look stunning with a tall wall cupboard so you can still have items on display but keeping them slightly private. To finish off your cabinetry, its also good to investigate the different cornice options we offer. Each range has a slightly different design but all work well with one another. We would recommend the Shaker cornice to give a smooth finish to your Edwardian inspired kitchen, these give that modern but classic edge to any design. 

Typical Arrangement

The Edwardian period was a significant point in kitchen history. The use of gas and electricity was becoming increasingly common and domestic boilers, ovens, and refrigerators were the brand-new technology of the era. Likewise, clean water was now universally available, so sinks became a much more important feature than ever before.

Because of this, there was a designated space for any activity within the kitchen. The hob/oven was still very much the central point in an Edwardian kitchen and the sink was still kept quite distant from the food preparation and cooking sections of the kitchen.

A central table or unit was still essential to the working order of the Edwardian Kitchen. Much like modern kitchens, a marble worktop on an island like this one we completed in Bath is very fitting. If possible, make sure you have enough room for a large, light-coloured worktop as this is essential to creating a period kitchen!


Fixtures and Finishings

Kitchen fixtures were simple and utilitarian during the Edwardian era, and a well-constructed sink was always recommended. Usually large in size, like your classic Butler sink. Butler sinks were traditionally made out of fireclay ceramic, but today they are available in most hard-wearing materials. Copper was classed as outdated and enamelled iron was now the in thing as it was easier to clean and was also resistant to odours and chemicals too.

To conclude, an Edwardian Style design can make your home become an accessible and stylish space to work in, and when modern touches and colours are introduced, it can become the ultimate reimagined period kitchen! Give us a call on 01604 435835, and we can start designing your kitchen.

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