Get a quality kitchen for under 10k

Get a quality kitchen for under 10k

You may be surprised at the quality of kitchen cabinets you can afford if you have a budget of between £5,000-10,000.

Most kitchens within this price bracket consist of flat-pack carcasses with doors mounted on to the front using hinges screwed onto chipboard. The units are generally all the same on the inside to keep the price low.

To create a more expensive in-frame kitchen look you can opt for cheap kitchen carcasses, for example, Ikea, then commission a joiner to make solid wood door fronts.

However, it is possible to purchase a bespoke solid wood, traditional in-frame kitchen, where the doors sit within the frame, for about £5,000.

At the White Kitchen Company we offer unpainted or lacquered oak, solid wood freestanding units at a very reasonable price. As there are no units to put together, this reduces the time, and cost it takes to install too.

Whatever Kitchen style you are looking for, Shaker, Period English, Industrial, Vintage or Contemporary, we can help you create your dream kitchen.

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The White Kitchen Company's units are bespoke to order, using traditional construction methods. The units arrive on-site ready to install in a white undercoat then painted in-situ by the customer or one of our recommended painters. The kitchen above will cost £5,808 Which leaves plenty of budget for the worktop, handles, and appliances.


Keep Draws to a Minimum

Swap the more expensive draws for double door wide base cupboards, They give you more bang for your buck.

Open Shelving

Add open shelves to your theme, buy solid wood planks and paint them the colour of your units to bring it together.


To create a more period feel you can pick up ceramic butler sinks for as little as £130 on the internet. But if you prefer stainless steel opt for a simple bowl and insert it under your worktop to give a quality designer look.


Worktops can make or break a kitchen. If you are looking for a quality feel opt for solid wood, composites or granite. A mix of them could keep you in budget.

Larger units

Small cabinets take just as much time to make as larger units so the price per cm can be more. If you've designed your kitchen with lots of smaller units, try and replace them with larger ones.


You can get a great range of tiles cheaply on the internet, but the cost is in the laying. If you don't like DIY and want to keep your costs down, opt for a small up-stand made from your worktop.


It's important to light the working areas of your kitchen correctly but it can be costly to add in lots of extra lights with an electrician. Be clever with your choice of lighting by choosing wisely. The three pendant lights you wanted over your kitchen island could be replaced with one stunning extra large light. Or multi spotlights could be exchanged for movable lights on wires for as little as £69.

So a quality designer kitchen doesn't need to be expensive if you choose wisely. Every time you open a solid oak door from The White Kitchen Company you'll feel the quality of craftsmanship, and that's when you'll realise you made the right choice.

If you know anyone who would like a kitchen for under 10K, give us a call on 01604 435835, email us or get in contact through one of our social media channels, we would love to hear from you.

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