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vintage kitchen pastel colours

At the White Kitchen Company, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our kitchen units. We offer our customers three different styles of cabinetry made inframe from solid oak which means you get the very best quality cabinets at a reasonable price. 

One of the main benefits of buying solid wood kitchen cabinets from us is that they can easily be re-painted and have their handles swapped. Doing this can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. You can experiment with a variety of different styles and can afford to be wacky if you like!

This week I have decided to write an article on creating a vintage / retro kitchen. Along with a few tips, I have compiled a small scrapbook of kitchen pictures that ooze vintage style.



Vintage Kitchen Tips


Choose Your Colours Carefully

Pick a vintage colour palette, favourite fabric or an old photo which you love and go mad with the match-pots.

Retro Decoration: Polka dots and Ginghams 

Don't be afraid to add some kitsch to your kitchen, try adding some polka-dots or ginghams to add a little fun!

Black and White 

Even if you don't want to add colour, by adding a black and white chessboard floor you can create a typical retro kitchen that has a wow factor

    Metro Tiles and Cladding

    Whatever kitchen theme you are going for either metro tiles or tongue and groove cladding will give you a vintage feel.

      Add A Breakfast Bar For  American Diner Style Kitchens 

      Why not add a breakfast bar and some chrome to get that all American 50's diner look.

        Mix Those Pastels 

        You can't go wrong with soft sugar pastels, mint, turquoise, soft blue's, lemons, pinks and creams are just a few. Go crazy and mix them all up with vintage crockery, utensils and enamelware.


          You can't go wrong with plain stainless steel lights or ribbed glass. Clear jam jar lights also look great and add some interest.

            Mixers and Bread Bins

            Leave out enamel mixers, bread bins and tins on the worktops. They should be seen! Use them as part of your theme’s decor.

              Add Some Signs 

              Add some vintage signage to your space, this way you can bring in your own personality.

                Glass Fronted Cupboards 

                Add a few glass fronted cupboards, the extra tall sliding doors will be bang on trend for this theme.

                  Choose Plain Units 

                  Use our simple shaker style units to get a clean contemporary look, then add vintage style knobs and handles.


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